There are few men in the state of Indiana who at the early age of twenty years have attained to so responsible and exalted a position as that of bank cashier, yet such has been the case with the gentleman whose name precedes this brief biographical notice. Emerson F. Cahen is a native of Indiana and was born in Madison county December 7, 1872, a son of Joseph and Lydia (Huston) Cahen, of whom the former was a native of France and the latter of Madison county, Indiana. Joseph Cahen came to America at the age of fourteen years, and began his business life in Indiana by traveling through the county on foot selling goods to chance customers. He was of pleasing address and prospered, soon was able to purchase a horse, on the back of which he carried his pack, and later on bought a wagon, and with this rig he traveled sections of the county hitherto unknown to him. In a few years he had earned sufficient means with which to open a general store at Alfonte, Madison county, Indiana, prospered in this undertaking also, and in a short time added grain dealing. he continued in active business until his death, which occurred in 1886, at the age of forty-two years, having realized a comfortable competency for his family. Of his family of four children only one survives, the subject of this review. His widow still survives and resides at Fortville.

Emerson F. Cahen, who was but fourteen years of age when he lost his father, continued to attend the common schools until seventeen, and then entered the Indianapolis Business University, from which he was graduated in 1891. For a short time afterward he was employed by Marrifold Brothers in their store at Alfonte, Indiana, and later by the same firm in their store at Anderson. This connection was severed, however, in the spring of 1892, when Mr. Cahen became identified as cashier with the Fortville Bank, a private monetary institution established by Isaac W. McConnell the year previously. In 1892, also, J. M. and J. P. Cook became associated with the bank as partners and Mr. Cahen retained as cashier. In May, 1893, Mr. McConnell retired from the firm, but the institution was continued under the style of Denny, Cook Bros. & Company with liability resting on each member to the amount of $100,000, and to the keen business insight and affable manners of Mr. Cahen much of the success of the concern is due.

Mr. Cahen was joined in marriage December 25, 1895, with Miss Amelia L. Striebeck, daughter of Charles and Sophia Striebeck, of Indianapolis, where Mrs. Striebeck died in 1894 at the age of fifty-two years. One child, F. Leon Cahen, has crowned this union. Mr. and Mrs. Cahen are members of the Christian Church, and Mr. Cahen is a charter member of Fortville Lodge No. 404, K. P., and also of Edwards Lodge No. 178 I.O.O.F. He is the owner of a fine farm of one hundred and forty acres adjoining Fortville on the north and this he keeps at all times under a superior condition of tillage. He is regarded as one of the shrewdest business men of Hancock county and his social standing is a most desirable one in all respects.

Transcribed from Biographical Memoirs of Hancock County B. F. Bowen, Publisher, Logansport, Indiana, 1902 Pages 422-423.

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