This efficient official and prominent citizen of Vernon township, Hancock county, Indiana, was born here January 28, 1855, and is a son of Andrew and Ann (Brooks) Trittipo, natives respectively of Virginia and Hamilton county, Indiana, but who passed the greater part of their lives in Hamilton and Hancock counties, this state. Andrew, the father, was a farmer and stock dealer and a shrewd business man, but was called away at the early age of forty-three years.

James W. Trittipo is the eldest in a family of three children, the other two being Samuel C. and Thomas L. When but fifteen years old James W. began the active duties of life in Vernon township on his own account by working on a farm, having been reared to agricultural pursuits. When twenty-one he began teaching school and for eighteen consecutive years he followed teaching as a profession in Vernon township. While teaching others he also added to his own store of knowledge, and was thus fully prepared for performing the duties pertaining to the office of township trustee, to which he was elected in 1894, and which he held with marked credit to himself and to the satisfaction of the public until November 16, 1900. Mr. Trittipo also served as township assessor one term, and for some time was clerk of the village of Fortville. His career as teacher, business man and official of this township has extended over a period of thirty-two years and during this long space of time no murmur of complaint has ever been heard against his competency or faithfulness in the discharge of any duty which he ahs ever assumed. In 1893 Mr. Trittipo was appointed assistant cashier of the Fortville Bank and still retains this responsible position. Being a man of business qualifications and having profound knowledge of the laws governing business transactions, he has added fire insurance to his income, producing handsome financial returns.

September 12, 1883, Mr. Trittipo was joined in matrimony with Miss Delphia McCord, daughter of Elias H. and Elizabeth (Behymer) McCord, of McCordsville, Vernon township, the result of which union has been the birth of three children, Nellie, Anna and Vera.

In his society relations Mr. Trittipo is a member of Fortville Lodge No. 207, F. & A. M., also of Chapter No. 44, Council No. 44, and of the Eastern Star branch; likewise is he a member of Fortville Lodge No. 178 I.O.O. F., and the Rebekah branch. He is a man of integrity, sound business judgment and public spirit, and no citizen of Fortville is held in higher esteem than he.

Mr. Trittipo, in his capacity of bank official, passed through an experience which is well worth relating. On July 24, 1902, a stranger walked from Manford s saloon across the street and into the bank, where he asked Mr. Trittipo, who was alone at the time, to give him change for a quarter. When Mr. Trittipo prepared to give him the change the stranger produced a gun and made a demand for twenty-five hundred dollars. Mr. Trittipo refused and reached for a weapon, when the robber fired at him. The shot struck one of the bars and glanced which probably saved Mr. Trittipo from being wounded or killed. The robber then turned and fled from the bank, followed by a canceling machine thrown by Mr. Trittipo The latter then gave the alarm and soon there was a score of men and boys in pursuit of the fleeing man, who made his way out of town. He was closely followed by his pursuers, who shouted to him to stop and threatened to shoot. The robber went on to the woods formerly owned by Levi Thomas, where he slowed up in order to regain his strength. He was there confronted by John Bills, who at the first alarm had hurried home and procured his shotgun. Several shots wee fired at the desperate man, but he still refused to surrender. He was flourishing his revolver and appeared to be waiting a chance to get in a good shot at some of his pursuers. At this juncture John Bills, who was about seventy-five yards from him, fired a load of bird-shot which took effect, and the man dropped his revolver and held up his hands in token of surrender.

Transcribed from Biographical Memoirs of Hancock County B. F. Bowen, Publisher, Logansport, Indiana, 1902 Pages 423-424.

Submitted by Sylvia (Rose) Duda, Laingsburg, MI Aug 15, 2006.

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