Frederick H. Harmening

Frederick H. Harmening, a native of Germany, was born on December 12, 1873, the son of Frederick Louis and Philabena Elnora (Schwartz) Harmening. Frederick Louis Harmening was born on November 8, 1835, in Germany, and died in Sugar Creek township, June 23, 1907. He was the son of Louis and Christina Harmening, both of whom lived and died in Germany. Louis Harmening and wife were the parents of three children: Frederick Louis, Christian and Christena. Frederick Louis was the only one of the family that came to America.

Frederick Louis Harmening spent his early life in his native country where he was engaged in farming. There he was married to Philabena E. Schwartz, who was born on October 31, 1842, and died on May 1, 1904, in Sugar Creek township. She was one of three children, two girls and one boy. The brother met his death in an accident with a team of horses.

Mr. Harmening spent several years fishing on the Holland coast, where he was successful, but believing in the opportunities of the United States he and his family came to America in July of 1880. After landing in New York they came directly to Indianapolis where the father was engaged for a time in a planing-mill. He later moved to Julietta where he was employed by the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad Company. He remained there for six years at which time he bought twelve acres in Sugar Creek township. He made this his home until his death on June 23, 1907, his wife had died on May 1, 1904.

To Frederick Louis Harmening and wife were born the following children: Frederick H., Christian, Christina, Mary and Henry. Mary died in infancy while Christina died in early childhood; Christina is the wife of Samuel E. Arthur.

Frederick H. Harmening at the age of seven years came with his parents to the United States. He attended his first school in Germany, the remainder of his education being received in Indianapolis and in the schools of Hancock county. As soon as he was old enough he was engaged by the farmers in the neighborhood. He later was engaged in threshing for twelve years. On December 13, 1902, he was married to Minnie Mary Roesener, who was born on August 20, 1884, in Sugar Creek township. She is the daughter of Christina F. L. and Ida Elnora Sophia (Miller) Roesener. Her father is a native of Sugar Creek township where he was born on April 24, 1847, being the son of Christian and Sophia (Harmening) Roesener, both of whom were born in Germany where they were married. Shortly after their marriage Christian and Sophia Roesener came to America and settled in Sugar Creek township where they were among the earliest settlers. Here they entered land and made this their home for some years, after which they moved to near Irvington, where they spent the remainder of their lives.

To Christian and Sophia Roesener were born the following children: Christina, Christian F. L., Henry, Herman, Louisa (deceased), Sophia, Frederick and William. The last two died in early childhood. Christian F. L. Roesener spent his childhood on the farm. When his parents moved to Irvington he accompanied them and at their death he returned to Sugar Creek township where he was married to Ida Elnora Sophia Miller, who was born in Indianapolis, March 9, 1851, the daughter of Carl nd Mary (Roesener) Miller, both of whom were born in Germany. Carl and Mary Miller, after coming to America, settled in Sugar Creek township. They entered land and were among the early settlers, and here they made their home the remainder of their lives. They were the parents of the following children: Ida, Elnora Sophia, Malinda, Mary, Matilda and Frederick. The family are all dead with the exception of Matilda.

After the marriage of Christian F. L. Roesener he bought the farm where Frederick H. Harmening now lives and it is here that Mr. Roesener has made his home since the death of his wife on July 15, 1900. To this union were born the following children: Amelia, who died at the age of four years; Carl, who death occurred at the age of seven months; Julius, who died at the age of two years, and Minnie Mary, the wife of Frederick H. Harmening.

Since the marriage of Frederick H. Harmening he and his wife have lived on the home farm of Mr. Roesener. In 1903 he bought thirty-four acres in section 19, and in 1911 he and his wife bought the home place of thirty-seven acres. Here he does general farming and stock raising. He raises and fattens about thirty hogs each year, besides his cattle and horses.

To Mr. and Mrs. Harmening have been born the following children: Carl Frederick, born on November 11, 1903; Irma Ida Christena, born on June 1, 1905; Earl Jacob Samuel born on September 13, 1907, and Margaret Mary, born on November 30, 1911. Mr. and Mrs. Harmening are members of the German Lutheran church, being active in the church work. They have been highly respected citizens of the township and county for nearly thirty years.

Transcribed from History of Hancock County, Indiana, Its People, Industries and Institutions by George J. Richman, B. L., Federal Publishing Co., Indianapolis, Indiana, 1916. Page 1083-1085.

Submitted by Sylvia (Rose) Duda, Laingsburg, MI November 12, 2001.

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