Clarence R. Strickland, M.D.

Dr. Clarence R. Strickland, one of the best-known and most successful young physicians in Indianapolis, is a native son of Hancock county, having been born in the city of Greenfield, this county, May 18,1882, son of Hamlyn L. and Clara (New) Strickland, prominent residents of that city, the latter of whom is still living there and the former of whom died in the spring of 1905.

Hamlyn L. Strickland was born in the old town of Centerville, in Wayne county, Indiana, June 20, 1856, son of Richard and Ann (Hamlyn) Strickland, the former of whom was a printer by trade, editor of a newspaper at Centerville and the publisher of various lodge papers. Hamlyn L. Strickland was trained in mercantile pursuits and in the late seventies came to Hancock county, settling at Greenfield, where he opened a grocery store which he conducted for some years, later becoming buyer for a grocery firm in Indianapolis and was thus engaged at the time of his death on March 28, 1905, he then being forty-nine years of age. Mr. Strickland was a man of wide interests in this county and a figure of considerable force in the community. Besides his extensive business interests in Greenfield he was the owner of a fine farm in Blue River township, this county, and was quite well-to-do. He was a public-spirited citizen and during his residence in Greenfield was one of that city's most energetic and consistent "boosters." He was a Republican and took an active interest in political affairs, but never was an aspirant for public office.

On February 1, 1880, Hamlyn L. Strickland was united in marriage to Clara E. New, who was born in Blue River township, this county, December 3, 1859, daughter of William and Margaret (Sample) New, the former a native of Indiana and the latter of Virginia. William New was born in the town of Raleigh in the neighboring county of Rush, but most of his life was spent in Hancock county. He was a man of large interests, farmer, miller and stockman and for years was regarded as one of the leading citizens of this county. He was a Democrat and for many years served as a member of the board of county commissioners and in other ways contributed of his energies to the public welfare. He and his wife were members of the Christian Union church, the church building having been erected on their farm in Blue River township. The last twenty-five years of William New's life were spent in Greenfield, where he was active in the general affairs of that city. He and his wife were the parents of thirteen children, Andrew, James, John, Mary, Cinderella, Albert, Clara, Julia, Asa, Matilda, Laura, Thomas and one who died in infancy.

To Hamlyn L. and Clara E. (New) Strickland three sons were born, Clarence R., the subject of this biographical sketch; Arthur E., a coal dealer with offices in the Traction Terminal building at Indianapolis and Russell Hamlyn, of Greenfield, who is engaged in the manufacture of "Rusco," a substitute for coffee. These three brothers are all college graduates and Russell H. Strickland is the president of the Hancock County Alumni Association of Indiana University. Mrs. Strickland still makes her home in Greenfield and is interested in all community good works. She is an earnest worker in the Bradley Methodist Episcopal church and is a past officer of several of the guilds of that church. She is a charter member of the locally influential Hesperian Club, has been president and vice-president of that club and one of its most active workers. She also is a member of the order of the Eastern Star, in the affairs of which for years she has taken a warm interest.

Clarence R. Strickland was reared in Greenfield and received his elementary education in the public schools of that city. Following his graduation from high school he entered Butler College, but after three months of attendance there transferred his attendance to DePauw University. After three years of schooling there he became an accountant in the state school for the blind at Indianapolis and was thus engaged for something more than two years, at the end of which time he entered Indiana University, from which he was graduated in 1910 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine. Upon receiving his diploma Doctor Strickland was appointed an interne in the Methodist hospital at Indianapolis, where he remained a year. He then took a post-graduate course in the Medicio-Chirurgical College at the University of Pennsylvania, after which for six months he was engaged as resident physician at the famous French Lick Springs hotel. He then returned to Indianapolis, opened an office for the practice of his profession in that city and has ever since been very successfully engaged in practice there. Doctor Strickland has an admirably equipped office in the Haume-Mansur building in Ohio street, one of his most recent equipments being a bacteriological laboratory, the third such laboratory in the state of Indiana, for the propagation of bacteria in the preparation of anti-toxic serums. Doctor Strickland is a member of the Indiana State Medical Association and of the American Medical Association and in the affairs of these two bodies takes an active interest. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity and takes a warm interest in the affairs of that organization. As a member of the faculty of the medical department of the University of Indiana, Doctor Strickland is a valuable member of the staffs of the various hospitals in Indianapolis and occupies a high place in the esteem of the medical profession in that city.

Transcribed from History of Hancock County, Indiana, Its People, Industries and Institutions by George J. Richman, B. L., Federal Publishing Co., Indianapolis, Indiana, 1916. Page 1078-1080.

Submitted by Sylvia (Rose) Duda, Laingsburg, MI November 12, 2001.

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