Charles Vetters

Charles Vetters, the subject of this review, and one of Brandywine township's distinguished citizens and most successful financiers, live stock and grain growers, first saw the light of day in Hamilton County, Ohio, October 6, 1856. Born of humble parents, who emigrated from Germany in about 1852, and losing them in infancy, he, along with a little sister, became wards of charity. When eight years of age he brought to Rush County, Indiana, and placed in a family to remain until he reached his majority. After attaining his majority, he continued seven years with the family who had proven to be his benefactors.

Mr. Vetters' education, like that of many other men of his age and time, was limited to the district school, but his longing for knowledge made him a student of books and men, until there is not a better informed men in Hancock County on general affairs and present-day happenings. In 1884 he displayed his usual good judgment in choosing the life companionship of Sara C. Wheeler, a most estimable young lady of Rush County, to share with him the joys and blessings of his married life. She was born on September 9, 1862, the daughter of Frank and Elizabeth (Arnold) Wheeler.

In 1886, Mr. and Mrs. Vetters moved to Hancock County, settling on the farm where they have since resided. Their farm was at that time one that had been greatly neglected, but he, being endowed with a strong body and indomitable will, soon created one of the best and most productive estates in Brandywine township. Mr. Vetters has been eminently successful in all his farming ventures and is rated among the most successful grain growers and live stock raisers in Hancock County, and the Vetters family is recognized as a financial stronghold.

Mr. and Mrs. Vetters, while living lives of toil, have been mindful of those dependent upon them and the influence for good that rested upon them in the church and community in which they reside. Their family of three children, consisting of one daughter, Anna E., who was born on November 22, 1885, and who is the wife of Claude White, and two sons, Carl, born on January 4, 1887, and John C., born on January 26, 1890, are all graduates of the common and high school and each is a talented musician. They are all members of and officials in the Christian church.

Mr. and Mrs. Vetters have long been members of the Christian church and much of the time since residing in Hancock County Mr. Vetters has been presiding elder of the Christian Church at Little Sugar Creek, while his wife has been a zealous worker in the church and Mite and Helping Hand Societies at that place.

Mr. Vetters is a temperance man of no uncertain meaning; a total abstainer from early manhood; one who believes when one confesses Jesus Christ as his Savior and only hope for the endless life-just that soon should he become divorced from the use of all kinds of alcoholic beverages and should live a life of total abstinence.

The Vetters estate and home is as near ideal as can be found in the rural districts. The farm, which consists of one hundred and sixty acres of land, is kept up in a high state of cultivation. The crops of the farm compare favorably with the best. The well-filled barns and dwellings complete in their apportionments; fruits in abundance; a place for everything; and peace and plenty abound in the Vetters household.

For nine years Mr. Vetters has not enjoyed good health, but rejoices in the fact that he has lived to se his family of children well educated and well started in life with every indication of making useful men and citizens.

Mr. Vetters is one of Hancock County's best citizens; a factor in his community; a man whose influence is toward the right; a man industrious, energetic and public spirited; a man whose honesty and integrity are beyond question.

Transcribed from History of Hancock County, Indiana, Its People, Industries and Institutions by George J. Richman, B. L., Federal Publishing Co., Indianapolis, Indiana, 1916. Pages 870-871.

Submitted by Sylvia (Rose) Duda, Laingsburg, MI September 22, 2001.

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