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Oct. - Dec. 1997 Queries

Adkins, Atkison, Barnard, Belless, Blackall, Boggs, Brantlinger, Brown, Cass, Clark, Crawford, Cokley/Coakley, Cooper, Donahoe, Gad/Gadd, Gordon, Hamilton, Hancher, Hanes, Honts, Hull, Husban/Husband, Ingham, Jackson, Jarvis, Janes-?, Jessup, John/Johns, Kauble, Kemerly, Kinder, Knotts, Lacy, Manning, Martin, McClintock, Murphy, Newby, Reeves, Richardson, Robinson, Saville, Shaffer, Smith, Souders, Tyner, Whelchel


CivillWRG@aol.com Betsy Saville Sat, 27 Dec 1997 20:10:07 EST
Researcher Betsy Saville
E-Mail: CivillWRG@aol.com
Address 707 White Rock Gap Road
Covington, VA 24426


rcooper@hrtc.net Richard Cooper Sat, 27 Dec 1997 11:27:25 -0600
I am researching surnames COOPER, CASS, and BOGGS.
Richard Cooper
8292 E. 100 S.
Greenfield, IN 46140


mosgood@iupui.edu Misty Osgood Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:43:53 -0500
Name: Misty (Knotts) Osgood
Email: mosgood@iupui.edu
Address: 648 East Drive, Woodruff Place, Indianapolis, IN 46201


jmatrow@juno.com John Matrow Thu, 18 Dec 1997 15:02:10 -0600
Am seeking ancestors/descendants of:
William BROWN (b.8/21/1802-NC) & Celia NEWBY (b.5/1/1801-NC): Children: Cyrus BROWN (b.10/9/1824-NC), Milton D. BROWN (b.11/27/1826-NC), Mary BROWN (b.5/6/1829-IN), Rebecca BROWN (b.4/30/1831-IN), Henry BROWN (b.4/26/1833-IN), John BROWN (b.12/9/1834-IN), Eli BROWN (b.12/18/1836-IN), James BROWN (b.12/29/1838-IN), Emily BROWN (b.11/19/1841-IN), Oliver BROWN (b.9/7/1844-IN), Celah BROWN (b.4/17/1846-IN). Residence: Dover Mtg (Quaker), Guilford Co., NC; Whitewater Mtg, IN (1827); Duck Creek Mtg, IN (1835); Walnut Ridge Mtg, Rush Co., IN (1836), Blue River Twp, Hancock Co. IN (1860).
John Matrow


AZ.JRH@worldnet.att.net James R. Hull Sun, 7 Dec 1997 10:50:00 -0700
I have several Hull ancestors in Hancock County and I am interested in knowing the best way to research the same.
I am intersted in the John W. HULL, son of Solomon HULL, married Catherine KINDER Amanda HULL, George R. HULL, Cassel HULL, Isaac HULL married Maria BLACKALL.
Appreciate any direction that you may be able to provide.
Jim Hull


mac5@pop.erols.com"@erols.com Sat, 06 Dec 1997 22:01:53 -0800
Looking for siblings of Mary Ellen HANCHER, b. Sep 24, 1839 Hancock Co, IN, d. Sep 13, 1923 Calhoun Co, IA m. William ROBY on Jan 24, 1854 Boone Co, IN. Mary Ellen Hancher was d/o Abner HANCHER and Sarah Ann MARTIN. Abner remarried Mary Ann DONAHOE in 1850. Abner and Sarah's children were: Anne HANCHER; Joseph HANCHER m. Cynthia CUNCY; Morgan HANCHER m. Susan ROBINSON and Elizabeth McCLINTOCK; William HANCHER.


jbfitz@hctc.net J B Fitzgerald Mon, 1 Dec 1997 09:40:51 -0600
My name is John Barnard Fitzgerald. I have a fair amount of information on the Barnard Family of Hancock Co. (Green Twp.) Also Gordon Family.
Elwood Barnard was my grandfather. My grandmother was Ola Gordon Barnard.


GWGPhila@aol.com George Garrettson Fri, 21 Nov 1997 07:36:06 -0500 (EST)
INGHAM, Solomon; GADD, Lydia Ann; HUSBAND, Rebecca
>>... listing of customers from the 1832-1837 account book of Elijah Tyner, Hancock >>County's first store located in Blue River Township.
>>GAD -- Thomas *
>>GADD -- John *
>>GALLIHER -- William
>>GILLISPIE -- William
>>HUSBAN -- John *
>>HUSBAND -- John *
>>HUSK -- Thomas
>>HUSTON -- James
>>HUTTON -- Asahel
>>HYLYEN -- Tefsee
>>INGHAM -- Clarissa, Solomon *
>>ISHMAEL -- Benjamin, John, Robert

The above extracts from the IndianaGenWeb site (stars added by me) coupled with the following facts lead to the question, "What other resources such as Church records, Newspaper files, etc are available for the areas in question?" I would like to fill in some blanks in this period of my gggrandfather's, Solomon Ingham's, life.

Solomon Ingham (see marriage listing and store list) was brother (or possibly father - there is a line of Solomons) to Clarissa (store list). His marriage to Lydia Ann was his first of three. Lydia's father was Thomas Gadd (Gad in store listing). Who is John Gadd? Solomon's second marriage was to a Rebecca Husband. Is it too much to wonder if she is related to John Husband (or Husban in store list)? Solomon's auto-bio gives 22 Nov 1848 for his m to Rebecca. I have not found a public record confirmation. To date I have no info on Rebecca's parents or siblings. Rebecca bore three children to Solomon and died with the third birth. All three children died very young. After moving to IA in the Methodist Circuit Solomon m Cynthia Taylor in 1854. His children by Lydia were left with Wareham Woodyard, Solomon's step-brother - son of Deborah West Ingham Woodyard, until Solomon was settled.

Any clues will be greatly appreciated.
George Garrettson


19501952@ctaz.com Ballita Schafer Sat, 15 Nov 1997 20:36:56 -0700
RICHARDSON searching for info about Mark Richardson who was in Hancock Co. In in 1840. Father was Samuel Richardson who died in Delaware co. in1840, mother unknown.


a0013078@airmail.net or anna_rae_rozell@airmail.net Anna Rae Rozell Sun, 09 Nov 1997 20:11:09 -0600
Subject: Jane JESSUP, b. 1813; also son Lewis Jessup, lived in Hancock Cty
I am looking for information regarding Jane JESSUP b. 1813, mother of Lewis JESSUP b. 1-29-1834, d. 1-1-1918.. I am grandaughter of Lewis' youngest son, Nolan W. JESSUP, born in Hancock Cty, 1-15-1891.
Anna Jessup Rozell


sarlar@funtv.com Larry Brooks Wed, 12 Nov 1997 15:32:40 -0800
I am seeking information on the ancestors of George and Nancy (JANES-?) JACKSON. George (b ca 1789, KY) and Nancy (b ca 1790, KY) had at least nine children between 1816 and 1832 in Hancock County: Matilda, Oliver Perry, John Wesley, Richard Fee, Sarah Ann, Thomas, George Washington, James Harvey, and William Hendricks. By 1836, they had moved on to Henry County, IA.
Larry Brooks
411 Ninth Street
Del Mar CA 92014
(619) 792-0695


genbug@jps.net Peggy Carey Wed, 05 Nov 1997 05:23:57 -0800
BELLESS, Joseph b.1801 OH/PA(?) m. Catharine (Unknown). Children: Peter,Sarah,Elizabeth,James M.C,Walter J.all b.Hancock Co, William b.MO(?),Amos b.Shelby Co,IN(?). Family migrated to Fulton Co, IL bef 1853. Peter m. Catharine Jane COKLEY/COAKLEY in IL d. in Civil War 1865, Memphis,TN. Who are the parents of Joseph & Catharine?

Peggy Carey


bart@netsites.net Jerri Barton Tue, 28 Oct 1997 02:18:57 -0800
Looking for someone with information on:
Nola May SOUDERS 15 Jul 1875 - 7 Mar 1899 m Noah McClellen CLARK 15 Oct 1870 - 13 Mar 1909 both buried Caudell/Simmons Cem, Vernon Township, Hancock, IN. Children: Dorothy Lou, William Henry, Charles Owen, Neva Marie, Ethel Bell. Any and all info appreciated.


Marsha C.Thompson Thu Oct 16 18:24:22 1997
Desperatly seeking IRA! I'm looking for my Grandfather's father I believe him to be CHARLES IRA CRAWFORD b.around 1877 My Grandfather Jesse Maurice was born to him and IVA BRANTLINGER on March 31,1901 in Hancock County. I have not been able to find a marriage record on CHARLES IRA and IVA and since IVA married WALTER S.JARVIS in MARCH 1903,I believe that CHARLES may have died or that they may have divorced. CHARLES may have been from MARION County.I would also appreciate any information on the BRANTLINGER family particularly William "Virgil"BRANTLINGER and his Father My name is Marsha Crawford Thompson my e-mail is jthompson@kih.net and my snail mail address is 65 Madison St. Nebo,Ky.42441 The Surnames I am researching in and around Hancock County are: BRANTLINGER,CRAWFORD,WHELCHEL.Any and all help is much appreciated.


MaureenAW@aol.com Maureen Wilson Sat Oct 11 00:46:01 1997
Descendants of Francis Marion HANES
1 Francis Marion Hanes b: November 25, 1843 in Marion County, Indiana d: May 24, 1937 in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indiana
. +Susan Elija Everson b: February 28, 1846 m: January 8, 1868 d: March 31, 1929 in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indiana
...... 2 Clara Belee Hanes b: August 10, 1869 in Rush Co., Indiana d: November 24, 1897 in Cunningham Cemetary, South of New Palestine, Indiana
.......... +Samuel Barrett d: in Cunningham Cemetary, South of New Palestine, Indiana
...... 2 Lattie Osmer Hanes b: January 31, 1871 in Arlington, Rush Co., Indiana d: February 13, 1950 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana
.......... +Maude Belle Hutton b: May 28, 1870 in Indiana m: December 16, 1896 in Indiana d: May 24, 1949 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana
.............. 3 [1] Letha Olive Hanes b: July 6, 1897 in Carrolton, Indiana d: August 12, 1994 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana
.................. +Charles W. Wilson m: in Greenfield, Indiana
.............. *2nd Husband of [1] Letha Olive Hanes:
.................. +James Thomas Wilson I b: October 6, 1891 in St. Helens, England m: May 28, 1920 in Cinncinati, Ohio d: February 24, 1973 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana
.............. 3 Paul Everson Hanes b: June 21, 1899 in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indiana d: February 10, 1939 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana
.................. +Harriett Strickland b: October 2, 1899 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana m: July 10, 1923 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana d: April 26, 1989 in Richmond, Virginia
...... 2 Margaret Edith Hanes b: April 16, 1872 in Hancock Co., Indiana d: in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indiana
.......... +Charles McVey d: in New Palestine, Indiana
.............. 3 Julia McVey
.............. 3 Francis McVey
...... 2 Stella Alma Hanes b: February 12, 1874 in Hancock Co., Indiana d: December 9, 1906 in New Palestine, Indiana
.......... +Ollis Means d: in New Palestine, Indiana
...... 2 [2] George William Hanes b: September 18, 1878 in Hancock Co., Indiana d: 1958 in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indiana
.......... +[5] Carrie Cly d: 1935 in New Palestine, Indiana
...... *2nd Wife of [2] George William Hanes:
.......... +Minnie Apple d: in New Palestine, Indiana
.............. 3 Marie Hanes
.............. 3 [7] Charles Hanes
.............. 3 [8] Glen Hanes
...... 2 Bertha Grace Hanes b: October 30, 1880 in Hancock Co., Indiana d: July 24, 1971 in New Palestine, Indiana
...... 2 Mary Elizabeth Hanes b: November 24, 1882 in New Palestine, Hancock Co., Indiana d: January 2, 1964 in Marion, Marion County, Indiana
...... 2 [3] Henry Harrison Hanes b: April 4, 1884 in Hancock Co., Indiana d: February 11, 1966 in New Palestine, Indiana
.......... +Ada Kappler d: August 5, 1950 in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indiana
...... *2nd Wife of [3] Henry Harrison Hanes:
.......... +Clarice Unknown d: November 19, 1971 in New Palestine, Indiana ?
.............. 3 Elmer Hanes
.............. 3 Agnes Hanes
...... 2 [4] Indiana Hanes b: September 16, 1887 in Hancock Co., Indiana d: in Fairview Cemetery, Indiana
.......... +Guy Westlake d: in Fairview Cemetery, Indiana
.............. 3 Harold Westlake
.............. 3 Norman Westlake
.............. 3 Richard Westlake
.............. 3 Hazel Westlake
.............. 3 Dean Westlake
.............. 3 Betty Westlake
...... *2nd Husband of [4] Indiana Hanes:
.......... +Walter Ferris d: in Fairview Cemetery, Indiana
...... 2 Hazel Pearl Hanes b: November 15, 1890 in Hancock Co., Indiana
.......... +Fritz E. Rupkey m: May 7, 1919
.............. 3 Robert Rupkey
.............. 3 Helen Rupkey
...... 2 [6] George William Hanes b: September 18, 1878 in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indiana d: September 4, 1958 in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indiana
.......... +[5] Carrie Cly d: 1935 in New Palestine, Indiana
...... *2nd Wife of [6] George William Hanes:
.......... +Minnie Apple d: in New Palestine, Indiana
.............. 3 Mary Hanes
.................. +Unknown Pruitt
.............. 3 [7] Charles Hanes
.............. 3 [8] Glen Hanes
...... *3rd Wife of [6] George William Hanes:
.......... +Winifred Unknown


theresa@globalsite.net Theresa Crail Thu Oct 9 17:45:24 1997
Searching for a William HAMILTON obituary dated in the middle 1800's. He was said to be an innkeeper in Hancock Co. IN. Will accept any leads on any William Hamiltons in this general area of the state.


Kaub777@aol.com David Kauble Wed Oct 8 08:31:10 1997
Jonathan KAUBLE, born 16 Oct 1801, died 1835, father was John KAUBLE. Mother Elizabeth SMITH. Wifes name is Elizabeth Finch TYNER. He had a son named Solomon Tyner KAUBLE, born 31 May 1827 in Hancock Co. IN. He had a second son named Jonathan Smith KAUBLE, born 5 May 1834, and he died 11 Apr 1853. Please let me know of any information you have on the TYNER's or KAUBLE's.


tkemerly@aol.com John Todd Kemerly Tue Oct 7 18:36:19 1997
KEMERLY, Mathias burried in Madison County, IN. His wifes maiden name was MANNING. Mathias had a sawmill business in the area. Would like to find out more about them both as far as dates of birth, marriage & death and any history on their parents as well. They had at least three sons Walter Kemerly, Joseph Kemerly and Charles Kemerly. Charles wifes first name was Ema and they had 8 children Myrtle May, Laura Jane, Alta Mable, Lawrence, Clarence, Everett, Goldie G. and Charles Robert. Clarence was married to Hazel Cook Kemerly and they had three children Herschel, Richard & Mary. Richard Dale Kemerly was married to Geneva Mae Durbin and they had two sons, John Bernard Kemerly and James Dale Kemerly. John Kemerly is married to Jeri Kay Paskins and is my father. I am the oldest of his three children John Todd, Kristi Kay & Douglas Bernard. I have four daughters now Sarah Kay, Kelly Marie, Shannon Mae & Madison Lee. I am quite curious to learn more about my family history and would welcome any assistance I could get. All of my family was from the Madison, Marion, Hancock & Hamilton County area. I have been told that the Kemerly family originally settled in Lancaster, PA but don't know where they came from before that or just when they arrived in Indiana.


Tichgelaar@aol.com Patrick Murphy Fri Oct 3 18:20:06 1997
Seeking and have detailed information on the following families from: Jackson, Brown, and Blue River Townships of Hancock County, IN. ADKINS, ATKISON, LACY, MURPHY, REEVES, SHAFFER. Patrick - Tichgelaar@aol.com

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