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Apr. - June 1997 Queries

Barrett, Beasley, Blake, Booker, Bray, Brock, Brooks (2)/A>, Caldwell, Carr, Carter, Clark, Clutter, Coffey (2), Collins, Cook (2), Corwin, Cranda, Crandall, Dennis, Eakes, Estell, Faussett, Fisk, Foreman, Furman, Hackleman, Hainy, Hastings, Hodges, Hutton, Jackson (2) (3), Keesling, Kellum, King, Lail, Laycock, Lewis (2) (3), Likins, Mayers, McCombs, Merrill, Miller, Mitchell, Morgan, Morris (2), Reed, Roberts (2) (3), Schultz, Shore, Shull, Shultz, Smith, Spangler, Sparks, Steel, Street, Taggart, White, Williams, Wilson, Wiseheart/Wisehart, York


Plynchette@aol.com Pamela Lynch Mon Jun 30 11:41:19 1997
EAKES, BROCK I have Amanda H. BROCK (1842-1869) married to Joseph Robert EAKES (1839-1923) in Hancock County. I have lots of information about their descendants but none about their parents. The parents of Joseph were Levi EAKES and Martha ROBERTS. Can anyone add to this?


commdive@netbahn.net Jack D Smith Fri Jun 27 12:14:47 1997
COFFEY Thomas H B. 30 Sepy 1843 Shelby Co Ind D. 2 July 1926 Greenfield Hancock Co Ind . YORK Cynthia Ann B. 24 Sept 1852 Shelby Co Ind? D. 16 May 1925 Greenfield Hancock Co Ind were mar. 27 June 1872 Shelby Co Ind


102077.171@compuserve.com Marcia Crail Fri Jun 13 12:38:04 1997
I am looking for information from a death certificate or obituary from New Palestine, Hancock County for Hildegard Wilhelmina SCHULTZ, SHULTZ. She died in July 1968. Especially looking for the names of her parents and where she is buried. Needed for 4-H fair project next month! Thanks,


lemons@interserv.com Cynthia Le Mons Tue Jun 3 23:14:14 1997
FURMAN/STREET and CLARK surnames. Need info on Peter FURMAN m. Sarah STREET, had children Thomas FURMAN m. Nancy CALDWELL 1845, Charlotte FURMAN m. Aruna CLARK 1845 in Hancock Co. IN. FURMANS lived in Connersville 1840. Clarks and Furmans lived in Worth Township and Brandywine, Hancock Co., in 1850. Clarks went to Effingham Co., IL by 1860.


thad1@ix.netcom.com Thad Wiseheart Sun May 25 14:25:24 1997
I'm looking for and information on WISEHEART/WISEHART in Henry Co. I'm looking for decendants of John WISEHEART, b. 1748, VA, and his sons James, Thomas, and Benjamin. Thomas at least, moved to Henry Co. in 1815. I have over two hundred of his decendants and their spouses documented. I also have some KEESLING of Henry Co and SHULL of Hancock Co. info. Sincere thanks for any help.


stevev@netdirect.net Karen Veneskey Fri May 23 14:20:26 1997
I'm looking for information about the FAUSSETT's, MERRILL's,TAGGART's,BRAY's,and a Doctor(abt. 1899) who's name(first or last) was LAIL,and the family of SPARKS that maybe related to the COLLINS's some how. The Faussett's James(1849-1912) married Mollie(1854- ?) Merrill, she was a hired hand and only 14 when they married. James was in the Civil War,Indiana Volunter Infantry Private I.G.12 Regiment. James and Mollie's daughter, Minnie(1873-1960) married Joesph COLLINS(1868- 1928). Their son married Joesph's sister Clara M. COLLINS,William FAUSSETT. Minnie and Joesph's son was named after a doctor that delivered him Lail or George LAIL. Sally or Sarah Wire BRAY married Thomas COLLINS in Gallia Co.,Ohio in 1826. Her father was William BRAY and her mother was Ellizabeth BRAY(Maybe WIRE). Thomas and Sarah moved to Madison Co.,In in 1829,then to Hancock Co. Sarah died in 1834 and Thomas remarried Rachel BLAKELY. Thomas died in 1878 and is buried on the family farm Cem., Brown Twp.,Hancock Co.- would love to see this if anyone knows where it is and if permission can be arranged. Thomas TAGGART had a daughter Caltha Ann and she married Samuel(1827-1899) Collins(son of Thomas and Sarah BRAY COLLINS), but I know nothing about Thomas and Caltha Ann except that she was born in In. in 1833 and died in 1914. She is buried in the Willow Branch Cemt. Willow Branch,In.-I would love to visit this Cemt. also, if anyone knows where it is? The name of Sparks has been told to me,they maybe cousins to the COLLINS's. Maybe a cousin to George Lail COLLINS,who's parents were Minnie FAUSSETT and Joesph COLLINS If anyone knows anything please let me know.


periard@evansville.net Carmen Periard Sat May 17 15:09:24 1997
Daniel JACKSON Married Melvina COOK 02 Jan 1834 in Rush Co. IN. their son Daniel was born 1835, Daniel,(the father) died about 1844, mother, Melvina married brother in law.. Isaiah after his wife, Susannah died in 11 March 1847. Looking for any information about this family. my family decends from the family of Daniel, born 1835. He married Sarah BEASLEY 11 Oct 1866 in Warrick Co. In. Melvina and Isaiah lived in Hancock Co according to the 1850, 1860, and 1870 census. Isaiah B died 2 Apr 1873, I need to find out where Melvina went? Help!!!!!!!!


searcher@micron.net Jean Sorensen Fri May 16 21:07:18 1997
Would appreciate hearing from anyone researching SHORE in Hancock County. I am descended from Henry Clay SHORE (m. Isabel Thomas)and his father, William SHORE (m. (2) Lucinda Bell). But am interested in other SHOREs in Hancock County also.


MaureenAW@aol.com Maureen Wilson Fri May 16 15:29:17 1997
Looking for any of the descendants or ancestors of Asahel HUTTON or Mary Ann CORWIN. Descendants of Asahel HUTTON 1 Asahel HUTTON b: 1791 in Pennslyvania d: in Brandywine Township, Hancock County, Indiana . +Mary Ann CORWIN b: 1801 in Pennslyvania d: in Brandywine Township, Hancock County, Indiana ...... 2 Samuel HUTTON b: 1829 in Ohio ...... 2 Lewis Bellville HUTTON b: December 16, 1836 in Indiana d: March 22, 1916 in Brandywine Township, Hancock County, Indiana .......... +Elizabeth BLACKFORD b: February 22, 1840 in Kentucky d: November 7, 1927 in Brandywine Township, Hancock County, Indiana .............. 3 Anne V. HUTTON b: 1861 in Indiana .................. +Unknown AKEMAN .............. 3 Martha HUTTON b: 1863 in Indiana .................. +Unknown NOE .............. 3 William Homer HUTTON b: 1865 in Indiana .............. 3 Frances J. HUTTON b: 1867 in Indiana .................. +Unknown BORING .............. 3 Maude Belle HUTTON b: May 28, 1870 d: May 24, 1949 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana .................. +Lattie Osmer HANES b: January 31, 1871 in Rush Co., Indiana d: February 13, 1950 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana ...................... 4 Letha Olive HANES b: July 6, 1897 in Carrolton, Indiana d: August 22, 1994 in Greenfield, Indiana .......................... +Charles W. WILSON m: in Greenfield, Indiana ...................... *2nd Husband of Letha Olive HANES: .......................... +James Thomas WILSON I b: October 6, 1891 in St. Helens, England m: May 28, 1920 in Cinncinati, Ohio d: February 24, 1973 in Greenfield, IN ...................... 4 Paul Everson HANES b: June 21, 1899 in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indiana d: February 10, 1939 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana .......................... +Harriett STRICKLAND b: October 2, 1899 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana m: 1922 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana d: April 26, 1989 in Richmond, Virginia .............. 3 Ida HUTTON b: in Indiana .................. +Unknown BLACKETER .............. 3 Docia HUTTON b: in Indiana .................. +Unknown SMITH


Cowan46@cruzio.com Joy Miller Tue May 13 14:46:24 1997
Hancock county; last residence known for children of Goerge W. MORRIS and Elsie B. CRANDA;; Frank E.; Ollie K; Robert G or S; Clay E; Eva Luceal and Elizabeth. Elizabeth m. Kenneth L.COFFEY 7-4-1927 and Eva Luceal m. Freeman CLUTTER 9-18-1931. Would appreciate any information on thes Morris family members. Thank you. Joy Morris Miller


Cowan46@cruzio.com Joy Miller Tue May 13 14:54:58 1997
Hancock County. Bernice BARRETT WILLIAMS BROOKS; daughter of John T. BARRETT and Lucy WILLIAMS BARRETT b. Jan. 1884. Married to Virgil WILLIAMS, son of Thomas WILLIAMS and Cora Dale HACKLEMAN. Bernice, mother of Lucy Claire WILLIAMS, Doris Louise WILLIAMS and Edna Pauline WILLIAMS. Doris Louse m. James D. WHITE, Hancock county, 6-29-1920. Searching for descendants of Bernice. I will appreciate any information. Thank you. Joy Miller


sully@vnet.net Katherine Sullivan Mon Apr 28 07:25:32 1997
SPANGLER Looking for JEFFERSON SPANGLER (c1836-1880). In 1862 he executed a deed which described him as a resident of Hancock Co., IN. An 1880 deed refers to him as deceased. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Katherine (North Carolina)


redbird@interaccess.com Robbintina Harrison Sun, 27 Apr 1997 17:21:05 -0500
George KELLUM born 1874 IN married Etta (need last name) born 1875 IN. Children:
(1) Allie born 1903 IN
(2) Mary born 1906 IN
(3) Joseph born 18 Jun 1907 IN died Jan 1968
(4) Evaline born 1915 IN
This family is found in 1920 Hancock Co, Shirley IN
Need parent's of George Kellum & descendant information. Anyone researching this family?


conPutnam@aol.com constance Putnam Thu Apr 17 22:47:49 1997
Gelon Jesse HODGES was born in Hancock county in Jan 1822 according to his "muster in" file. He is the 7th child of Benjamin HODGES and Jane or Jenny McCOMBS. He married Ruth Elizabeth SMITH 29 Oct 1848. His siblings are Martha Ann = Samuel H. BOOKER (H1) and Michael MAYERS (H2); James M = Rachael LAYCOOK; William M. = Mary STEEL; Adalilne P = James Wetherspoon BLAKE; Susan F. = Peter FOREMAN; Leonidas John = Nancy C. REED; and Thomas who died in 1850 in Harrison, Howard co. Any information about these siblings would be helpful. And I have additional information if there is a connection.


periard@evansville.net Carmen Periard Sat Apr 19 16:47:32 1997
Jackson Daniel JACKSON was in Hancock Co in the 1840 Census. From research Daniel died around 1847. His wife, Melvina COOK whom he married in 02/Jan/1834 had a son Daniel b. 1835, Melvina then married Isaiah JACKSON after his first wife, Sueanna died. Looking for more information??????


AHLikins@aol.com Andy Likins Sat Apr 19 19:06:25 1997
I am researching the family of Leonard and Ruth (CARTER) LIKINS who lived in Hancock Co., IN, between about 1840 and 1853.


Cowan46@cruzio.com Joy Miller Sun Apr 13 23:54:01 1997
Bernice BROOKS mentioned in the Greenfield newspaper in Luci Williams Barrett Collins Ob. Bernice was living in Hancock County, Greenfield at the time. Date was October3, 1943. I would apprecite finding any information on Bernice Brooks. Thank you. Joy Miller


Cowan46@cruzio.com Joy Miller Sun Apr 13 23:33:59 1997
George MORRIS and spouse Elsie CRANDALL found in 1900 census with sons Frank, b. May 1891 and Ollie b. Nov. 1896; this census they were in Henry County Greensboro Twp. In 1910, they were in Hancock county, Brown Twp; George MORRIS age 53, Elsie B. age 39; Frank E. 16; Ollie K. 13; Robert G. or S. age 8; Clay E. 6; Luceal 4 and Elizabeth 8/12. George died May 1912 and his "spouse" Sarah E. WILSON gave the information at the funeral home. In 1920 census/ there is a Sarah E. MORRIS age 47; and children listed with her were Clay E. age 16; Eva L.(Luceal) age 14; and Elizabeth 12. I am trying to find descendants from these MORRIS children. George MORRIS and my grandfather, Oliver Perry MORRIS were brothers. I would appreciate any help. Thank you, Joy Miller


Cowan46@cruzio.com Joy Miller Sun Apr 13 23:51:00 1997
Isaac KING, spouse Ann___appeared in Hancock County around 1807. Children were: Joshua, Elenor m. Arthur LEWIS; Hester m. Samuel P. HASTINGS; John; Joseph m. Marry MILLER 10-10-1831, Hancock CKo., Margaret m. James LEWIS; Isaac KING, Jr. m. Elizabeth CARR 8-17-1837; Marth Jane md. ____DENNIS; Wingate KING m. Sarah MILLER 11-18-1838; Mary m. Martin WATCHEL 1-14-1841; Elizabeth m. Josiah LAMB 1-2-1839 and Noah KING m. ? Elenor KING LEWIS d. 11-30-1873; children. John S. LEWIS; Wingate K. LEWIS and Hettie Ann LEWIS and Martha A. LEWIS. Arthur LEWIS d. 12-15- 1863. I would appreciate any information on the King descendants. Thank you. Joy Miller


jjestell@worldnet.att.net Jerry J. Estell Wed Apr 9 14:44:02 1997
Searching for the parents of Francis and/or William ESTELL. They report their place of birth as Hancock County in their Illinois Civil War Record. Believe the fathers name was Elice. They served in the Illinois 33rd Infantry Regiment Company D.


drake@inconnect.com Angela Drake Mon Apr 7 13:38:14 1997
I am looking for any information on EDMUN(D) ROBERTS and his wife RACHEL JACKSON Roberts, married in Hancock County on 7-9-1840. They had one son, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ROBERTS, in 1844 before moving to Vernon County, WI. I am looking for any information on where they lived or if they had other family in Indiana.


RDK21@JUNO.COM JOHN KELLEY Sun Apr 6 15:25:19 1997
I am looking for descendents of George W. and Elizabeth FISK of Hancock County. George was born in Maine in 1806 and Elizabeth was born in KY ca 1814. George was also married to Sophia (HAINY) MORGAN in 1854, in addition to FISKS, descendents were probably McCLARNONS, REDMANs, MILLINERs and BAXTERs.


drake@inconnect.com Angie Drake Sun, 06 Apr 1997 15:44:05 -0700
My 4xgreat grandfather, Edmun(d) ROBERTS married Rachel JACKSON in Hancock County in 1840. They had a son, Benjamin Franklin ROBERTS in 1844. I know they later moved to Vernon County, formerly Bad Ax County, Wisconsin in the late 1840's. If these names sound familiar to anyone, I would appreciate any leads.
Angie Roberts Drake


bonnied@prairieweb.com Bonnie DesEnfants Thu Apr 3 20:58:45 1997
bonnied@prairieweb.com Bonnie DesEnfants April 3, 1997 Daniel LEWIS was b 1830, the son of Edmund & Mary McKnight LEWIS. He married Sarah HARLEY about 1850. They lived in Hancock County. Their children were: Emily, Jasper, Icephine, Charles, Alexander & Thomas. I am searching for Daniel & Sarah's marriage and death records. I would also like to know the parents of Sarah, who was related to my gr gr grandmother Anna Hartley MITCHELL. Were they sisters or was Sarah a niece? I would appreciate any information on the above families and would be happy to exchange information.

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