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July - Sep. 1997 Queries

Adkins, Armstrong, Atkison (2), Barton, Bridges, Caldwell, Chapman, Clark, Cline, Collins, Conner, Conover, Dennis, Downing, Eccles, Elsbury, ?Funeral Homes, Furman, Hambrick, Hartman, Hastings, Hawk, Hiday, Horton, King, Kingery, Lamb, Lewis, Low, Marsh, Matlock, Meek, Miller, Moffitt, Monroe/Moore (2), Murphy, Muth (2), Neal, Oakes, Perry (2), Pherson, Pierson, Reeves, Romine, Scotten, Shaffer, Silcox, Street, Thayer, Troxell, Tullis/Tullos, Turk, Turner, Ulery, Weaver, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson


msyjphus@power-tech.net MARY F. SYPHUS Fri Sep 26 20:14:59 1997
TULLIS surmane: David TULLIS and Euphemia WILSON of Fifishire, Scotland and Illinois, U.S.A. and David WILSON TULLIS of Pinto, Utah, U.S. A. David Wilson TULLIS married ALICE HARTMAN, 1st. wife; 2nd. wife, Martha HARTMAN, daughter of Alice HARTMAN ECCLES by ALICES' first marriage to Thomas ECCLES. David TULLIS sister, Janet TULLIS, married GEORGE BARKLEY in Fifishire, England came to Canada and had eight childlreh. Believed to live in Ottawa area. Barkleys may have left England in 1796. TULLIS name believed to originally spelled as TULLOS in Fifishire, England area.


genpread@truelink.net Pam Read Sun, 28 Sep 1997 20:39:38 -0700
--> Jesse Matlock married Nancy Ann KINGERY Oct 18, 1860 Hancock Co., IN.
Jefferson ULERY married Mary Catherine KINGERY Oct 18, 1860 Hancock Co., IN.
George WEAVER married Isbel A. KINGERY on Mar 23, 1871 Hancock Co., IN
Any other information?
My name: Pam Read
E-mail address: genpread@truelink.net


bcoons@netusa1.net Robert Coons Sun Sep 21 09:26:44 1997
I am doing a genealogy search on Mattie Frances ROMINE Horton born Sept. 25,1891 in Anderson IN. Married on Feb. 26,1910 to Coda Horton in Anderson IN. Coda Horton was born on March 24,1886 in McCordsville IN. I am looking for information and dcssndants on both Mattie Frances (ROMINE) Horton and Coda Horton. I am a grandson, any help will be greatly appreciated


dimc@mcia.com Diane McDowell Fri Sep 19 20:22:14 1997
Monna CLINE is my grandmother. She was born in Greenfield, Indiana August 3, 1905, and died on November 22, 1970 in Houston, Tx. Her father's name was David Cline. I do not know her mothers name. This is all I know. I would appreciate any information I could get. Thanks Diane McDowell


HarrietLytle@prodigy.netHarriet Lytle Wed, 17 Sep 1997 21:50:17 -0700
Researching HIDAY
Harriet Lytle HGNE65A@prodigy.com
8861 Liberty Rd. S.
Salem, OR 97306-9461


Cowan46@cruzio.com Joy Miller Tue Sep 9 21:51:08 1997
KING, Isaac and 2nd wife Hancock County 1830-1853. Isaac b. Delaware around 1775 and d. 10-20-1853 in Hancock County. Children of Isaac and Peggy King: Hester W. King b. 1813 Ross county, Ohio; spouse HASTINGS, Peter f.; Eleanor KING md Arthur LEWIS in Ross county and moved to Hancock County, around 1840; they are in the 1850 census in Hancock County. Eleanor d. 11-30-1873; the LEWIS children are : Isaac, Martha, George, James H. Hester A, Wingate H., and Milicent LEWIS; King, Margaret md. James LEWIS; Joshua KING md Mary MILLER 10-10-1831 in Hancock County; Elizabeth KING md Josiah LAMB 1-2-1839, Hancock County Wingate A. KING; Martha KING, md Mathias DENNIS ; Mary KING md Martin Watchel; Noah KING; John KING; Isaac KING, Jr. md Elizabeth CARR 8-17-1837 in Hancock County. I would appreciate any information on these family ancestors. Thank you. Joy Miller


granat@ibm.net Leslie Granat Wed Sep 3 10:34:21 1997
TURNER / TROXELL Adam TURNER and Elizabeth TROXELL were married in Hancock Co., IN on December 25, 1836. They continued to reside in Hancock Co. for 4 or 5 years until they moved to Jo Daviess Co. IL about 1840/41. According to census records, Elizabeth TROXELL was born in MD about 1818. Adam TURNER was born in OH and died in IL in 1854. I am searching for the names of the parents of these two people, and any other family information, including names of siblings.


103327.1052@compuserve.com Erik Bittner Wed Sep 3 18:22:08 1997
Looking for family of Henry BRIDGES, born in NC in 1826, married Mary MOFFITT in 1850. Family legend says he was orphaned in an Indian attack when he was 10 years old, and raised by a man named MOFFITT. Henry and Mary moved to Iowa in the 1850's.

MARSH, ?Funeral Homes

Michael J. Hillard Sun Aug 31 19:19:45 1997
Looking for the names of Funeral Home owners or directors in the Greenfield area in the County of Hancock. My G-grandfather;JAMES MARSH, had a cousin that was married to a person who ran a funeral home. JAMES MARSH was an orphan who turned up in Vincennes where he lived a long and happy life.No family member still living knows nothing of his parents.Thanks!


Liane Beckman Sun Aug 31 23:50:25 1997
MOORE, COLLINS Researching Louis P. MOORE b. ca 1841 in Indiana and his wife Emi COLLINS b. ca 1850 in Indiana. They had at least two children: William H. b. ca 1869 in Indiana and Louise Pearl b. 17 Sept. 1878 in Indiana. This family was living in Greensboro, Henry Co., at the time of the 1880 census. Any further information about this family will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Laura Tuttle Sat Aug 30 05:53:20 1997
Looking for any information regarding my 2nd great grandfather, Elijah J. PERRY, born abt 1840 in Indiana. He enrolled in the Union Army in North Vernon, Jennings County, in April, 1861 and was mustered in at Indianapolis. He only signed up for 3 months and was, therefore, discharged in August, 1861. He married Elizabeth Ann MUTH in Hancock County, Indiana on 22 November 1863. They had three children. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Nancy Tussey Sun Aug 24 15:52:37 1997
Interested in the surname PHERSON, George married to Elizabeth SCOTTEN in Hancock Co. 12-15-1846. Would like to know of children and parents as well as any other information. Think his son served in the calvary from Indiana in the civil war, name Elijah C. PHERSON. Any help would be greatlly appreciated.


Patrick Murphy Sat Aug 23 01:44:32 1997
Searching for any and all information on the ATKISON's from Center Township in Hancock County. Specifically, George Y. ATKISON and Jesse ATKISON, George's father.


Jan Strubbe Sat Aug 16 07:59:13 1997
I am seeking ancestors/decendants of WOODBECK LOW b. Feb. 1819 in Ohio, d. 17 Feb 1863 in Moral Twp - Shelby Co. His wife MALINDA NEALE b. 9 Feb 1818 in Ohio, d. 21 Dec 1879 in Moral Twp - Shelby Co. Woodbeck and Malinda married in Hancock County 27 Sept 1838. Also BENJAMIN NEALE b 1760 in Virgina d 15 April 1853 in Moral Twp - his wife DELILAH BARTON - they married in Ohio, 15 Feb 1805. BENJAMIN NEALE - Revolutionary War Veteran - Delilah received benefits.


Strubbe Sat Aug 16 07:43:59 1997
Hancock County, Indiana --- Looking for ancestors/decendants of Robert Oscar and Susannah (HAWK) DOWNING. Robert was born in Kentucky - Susannah was born in Ohio. At least one of their children, Lucretia, was born in Kentucky in 1836. Lived in the Mt. Comfort area.


suejones2@iquest.net Sue Jones Fri, 8 Aug 1997 06:28:30 -0500
Please add the surname of ELSBURY to your list for Hancock Co. In. Thank you. My name is Sue Jones. E-mail address: suejones2@iquest.net Mailing address: 615 Central Ave.; Lapel, Indiana 46051


mcampbell@edwpub.com Marilyn Campbell Sun Jul 27 18:11:56 1997
Morris PIERSON born 26 Apr 1799 Chittenden Vermont Died 22 May 1879 Hancock Co IN Married 1827 Switzerland Co Eliza MONROE or MOORE married 1846 Shelby Co Lucena Burtch SILCOX Children Martha married OAKES, Henrietta m Heller, Mary A, m THAYER, Jennie .m CONOVER, Lizzie m CONOVER, Edward W. PIERSON (served in the Civil War, Martin E. PIERSON ( served in the civil war), Saarah F PIERSON, William M PIERSON


solshine@aol.com Laura Tuttle Fri Jul 25 09:00:27 1997
MUTH, PERRY Looking for GEORGE MUTH, b. about 1799 in Hesse, Germany. He was a farmer and a United Brethren clergyman. He married Sarah, b. about 1803 in Pennsylvania. Their first three children were born in Ohio; as of the fourth child born in 1838, they were in Hancock Co., IN. Their children and approximately birth years were: Adaline (1829), Daniel (1831, m. Amy Ann Ashcraft on 25 March 1852), Henry (1834), Caroline (1836), Augustus W. (1838, m. Elizabeth CONNER on 27 October 1859), David M. (1842, m. Anna Bell WILKINSON on 2 February 1862), and Elizabeth Ann MUTH (1846, m. Elijah J. PERRY on 22 November 1863). As of the 1880 US census, they were still residing in Brandywine Township, Hancock Co. ---- In 1880, their daughter (my 2nd great grandmother, Elizabeth Ann MUTH PERRY) and her three children were living with George and Sarah. She was married to Elijah "Joseh" PERRY. I am speculating that she may have become widowed between their third and last born child in 1876, and the US census in 1880 where Elizabeth and her children were living with her parents in Hancock County. The children of Elijah J. PERRY and Elizabeth Ann MUTH PERRY and their births were: Vida Ann (22 February 1865, m. Zachary Taylor ARMSTRONG on 2 June 1890), Charles (1872), and Alma Hazard (1876).


C55L@aol.com Cindy Le Mons Thu, 24 Jul 1997 02:24:34 -0400 (EDT)
FURMAN, CLARK, STREET, CALDWELL. Looking for information on Peter FURMAN m. Sarah STREET, children Thomas FURMAN m. Nancy CALDWELL 1845; Charlotte FURMAN m. Aruna CLARK 1846, had children Minerva, Clarisse, Jonathon E, Mary Jane. All lived in Worth Twp, Hancock Co from 1842 to 1860s or later. CLARKS went to Effingham Co., IL 1860.
Cindy Le Mons


TICHGELAAR@aol.com Patrick Murphy Sun, 13 Jul 1997 18:19:34 -0400 (EDT)
I have a lot of information on the following families from Hancock County:
LACY family of Jackson Twp. / MURPHY family of Cleveland, In / SHAFFER family of Charlottesville, In / ADKINS family of Cleveland, In / REEVES family of Brown Twp. / ATKISON family of Center Twp. If you come across any individuals that might be interested in these lines, I'll be more than happy to help them out.
Thanks, Patrick Murphy - Indpls.


Doris Lobe Mon Jul 7 10:05:48 1997
Looking for children and data of Moses and Rachel (MEEK) TURK; lived Greenfield, Hancock Co, Ind; m)abt 1850, Greenfield; he, b)abt 1821, VA, d)14 Aug 1884, unknown place; she b)1830 Greenfield, d) aft 1895, Greenfield. Her parents: Jeremiah & Catherine (WILLIAMS) MEEK.


butch@access.eve.net Butch Johnson Sat Jul 5 16:00:46 1997
The following family came to Hancock Co., IN from Cabell Co., VA/WV in the late 1850's. Does anyone know annything about them. Would like to correspond with their descendants.
German CHAPMAN b. 13 Aug 1817 CC WV d. 5 Jul 1892 in Hancock Co IN. M. Catherine HAMBRICK (b. 1821) 15 Feb 1838 CC WV
a. Anthony CHAPMAN b. 1839
b. Martha CHAPMAN b. 1840
c. Nancy L CHAPMAN b. 1842
d. Charles Henry CHAPMAN b. 1844
e. Dallas CHAPMAN b.1845 son
f. Frances J CHAPMAN b. 1846 dau
g. Rufus CHAPMAN b. 1849
h. Eliza CHAPMAN b. 1850
i. Luezy CHAPMAN b. 1851 dau
j. German CHAPMAN b. 1854
k. Meredith CHAPMAN b. 1855
l. Henry CHAPMAN b. 1857
m. Sarilda CHAPMAN b. 1859 dau
n. Amos CHAPMAN b. 1862

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