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Apr. - June 1998 Queries

Adkins (2), Andrews, Apple, Atkison (2), Bailey, Bannon (2), Barrett, Bartlow, Belless, Bennett, Breckinridge, Bright, Brooks, Bryte, Burris, Caldwell (2), Cass, Caudle (2), Chandler, Chapman (2) (3), Cloud (2), Cly, Coleman, Cook, Cooper, Cummins, Dance, Davis, Deck, Dillman (2) (3), Drake, Dye (2), Edwards, Eichman, Eichmann, Eikman, Elsbury, England, Fathauer, Genoways, Harvey, Haygood, Haywood, Hendricks, Hiday (2), Huffer, Kinder, Klepfer, Lace, Lacy (2), Lakin (2) (3), Logan, Martin, McCord, McNamee, Mitchell, Murphy (2), Olvey, Perry, Plummer (2) (3), Porter, Prickett, Probasco, Reeves (2) (3), Richardson, Russell (2), Shaffer (2), Simmons, Sink, Sinks, Southerland, Stansberry (2), Steelman, Steelmanson, Stelle, Strong (2), Sutherland, Trittipo, Veach (2), Weaver, Whitaker, Willis, Wilson, Wynn (2)


Harriet Lytle <HarrietLytle@prodigy.net> on Sat, 27 Jun 1998

Nannie HIDAY b. 1890 d. 1921 is buried in Park Cemetery, Hancock Co., IN in Section nine. Was her maiden name Hagan?


Harriet Lytle <HarrietLytle@prodigy.net> on Sat, 27 Jun 1998

Seeking parents of Forest Earl Hiday b. 25 Feb. 1890 in Ingalls, Hancock Co., IN d. 31 Oct 1956, buried in the Wynn Cemetery.


Howard L. Turner <hltrrmtz@aol.com> on Sat, 27 Jun 1998,
in response to message posted by Dave Peterson on Sun, 25 Jan 1998, at 4:16 p.m.

I have been looking for Bryte's but in Ohio. A John Bryte settled in Green Co. Ohio between 1809 and 1819. Aat that time he spelled his name BRYTE, but in the 1820 census hsi named had changed to the other spelling. He had a son named Nathaniel and one David also (we hope a daughter named Nancy).. His wife was Hanna Clauer. They both are buried in Green County. I know that this is not Hancock
County Indiana, but the timeperiod seems about right for other members of the family. I have not bveen able to find where John Bright came from. He just arrived and started digging in the Indian Burial mounds of the area.


Patrick Murphy <tichelaar@iquest.com> on Fri, 26 Jun 1998

Seeking to correspond with anyone researching the ancestors or descendants of the following gentleman who lived in Hancock County, IN. They are: Milton T. ADKINS (ca1812 - 1853); Jesse ATKISON (ca1788 - ?); Jordan LACY (1803 - 1862); Amos David MURPHY (1844 - 1906); Benjamin J. REEVES 1810 - 1889); and Michael SHAFFER (1807 - 1866). Thanks, Patrick Murphy


Jonathan Lace <jdlace@hotmail.com> on Thu, 25 Jun 1998

I am searching for any information on the LACE name. My grandfather comes from Hancock Co. and remembers swimming in Brandywine Creek.


Jeannette Fathauer <bbrindle@netusa1.net> on Tue, 23 Jun 1998

I am looking for any records concerning the family of Miles FATHAUER. He died about 1995-6, in Fortville, IN.
Can anybody help?
Thank you!


Joe Cameron <cameronnet@naxs.com> on Sun, 21 Jun 1998

Searching for descendants or anyone haveing knowledge of
John Henry Kinder, and his wife, Magdalene Staley, who came to Hancock County in 1830-1840 from Wythe County, VA. Will
share my information. Thank you. Joe.


B. Pascoe <baubo@calweb.com> on Sat, 20 Jun 1998

Sebe RUSSELL m Katherine EDWARDS
known children: Ella, Lona, Ray, Eddie, & Robby
know they were living in Fortville IN, in 1867 & 1868.
Sebe was in the Civil War, 41st IN. They were married sometime before the war.


Fackenthal <MFackenth1@aol.com> on Thu, 18 Jun 1998

REEVES, JAMES ROBINSON. born in Fortville 27 Sep 1858 and was orphaned. He was delivered by DR KENNEDY of Fortville. He had two sisters -DELLA MILLER-GILMAN and EFFIE not sure of what last name she was raised by. Are any of Dr Kennedy's records available and where?


Ray Lewis <lewis-fr@redstone.army.mil> on Wed, 17 Jun 1998

George Bailey, b. 7 Jan 1773, Shenandoah Co, VA; d. 24 Feb 1848 Sugar Creek Twp., Hancock Co, IN; m. 10 Jan 1796, Isabella Christie, Monroe Co, VA. (Isabella's parents: James Christie and Sarah Scarborough) Moved to Hancock Co, IN, 1825. Son James Christie Bailey, b. 9 Dec 1818, Greenbrier Co, VA; d. 14 Jan 1868, Sugar Creek Twp., Hancock Co, IN; m. 16 Jul 1843, Jane McNamee, daughter of Cornelius and Jane (?) McNamee. Cornelius McNamee d. Aug 1840 Hancock Co, IN. When/where was Cornelius McNamee born? His oldest son, David McNamee, born ca 1796 in Delaware. David also settled in Hancock Co.; m. Catherine Townsend, 2 Nov 1826, Pike Co, OH. What was maiden name of Jane (?) McNamee?


Linda Comstock-Teel <104457.653@compuserve.com> on Tue, 16 Jun 1998

Searching for other descendants of William Mitchell, b. 8-15-1823 Montgomery Co, KY, d. 4-7-1899 Greenfield, Hancock, IN, m. 5-23-1852 in Cincinnati, OH to Calasty Long. William and Calasty had 9 children that lived to maturity; they were - John Fowler, b. 1853; George H., b. 1867; Thomas, b. 1858; Fannie, b. 1860; Samuel, b. 1862; William, Jr., b. 1864; Eliza, b. 1866; Nellie, b. 1870; and Mattie, b. 1872. William Mitchell was the editor and publisher of the Hancock Democrat newspaper from the mid-1850's until just prior to his death. He and his wife came to Greenfield in approximately 1855-6. I am descended from his daughter, Mattie who m. George Zuttermeister on 5-11-1891, and their daughter, Pansy Zuttermeister. I know of three cousins, but would like to find more.


MARY LOU WOODS <MLW1944@AOL.COM> on Tue, 16 Jun 1998



Thelma Crafton-Eikman <natawni@aol.com> on Tue, 09 Jun 1998

Looking for any information in regards to the name Eichman(n) or Eikman from the New Palestine area. A hazarded guess would be approximately around 1850 or later. I do know that a man from New Pal changed the spelling. My husband's grandfather, Paul Maynard Eikman, spoke only German as a child. His father or great grandfather may have been an immigrant. Paul may have been born in Hancock County and later moved to Shelby County, Fairland area. This is where my father-in-law, Lewis Edward Eikman, was born and raised. Cannot find the name prior to 1850. Any information would be appreciated.


Karen Bennett <kbennett@bright.net> on Sat, 06 Jun 1998,
in response to message posted by Karen Veneskey on Sun, 25 Jan 1998, at 4:27 p.m.

Hi Karen, I am searching for Abel Bennett, who supposedly brought the Bennett family from VA, through Hamilton, Co., OH, and settled in Hancock Co., IN, some time after 1813. He had 10 children from his first wife who died in VA in 1813: Samuel, John, James, David, Landon, Nancy, Phebe, Sophia, Mary & Elizabeth. He married again in IN and had 3 more children: Moses, Washington and Sarah. My husband is from from Landon's line in Mercer Co., OH. If you have any information about Abel before this time period or about his wives and his death, please contact me.



B. Pascoe <baubo@calweb.com> on Sat, 06 Jun 1998

Oct 1855 Hancock Co. IN Andrew Jackson TRITTIPO m Drucilla Ann BROOKS, they had the following 3 children:
1)James Worthington TRITTIPO m Delphia McCORD
2)Samuel Calvin TRITTIPO m Mattie BEVERLAND
3)Thomas Lafayette TRITTIPO m Bertha CLAPP
Drucilla m 2 Elias McCORD they had 1 known child:
1)Ann McCORD m Enoch DOBBINS


Nora Probasco <nprobasco@earthlink.net> on Mon, 01 Jun 1998

I am interested in information on the Samuel CHANDLER family that moved to Hancock County during the 1850's. He married 2nd wife, Charity WOLF, in Indiana. In particular, I am trying to find out his death date. Samuel's brother, Morgan CHANDLER, was instrumental in the growth of the city of Greenfield


Nora Probasco <nprobasco@earthlink.net> on Mon, 01 Jun 1998

I am interested in all PROBASCO surname info, research and family trees. I have begun an extensive PROBASCO database and plan to use it to direct PROBASCO researchers to others who may be researching their line. PROBASCOs were in Hancock County since the early 1800's.


Marlee Willis <willisr@cadvision.com> on Mon, 01 Jun 1998

Looking for information on the WILLIS family from New Palestine, Indiana. Looking for relations to Charles Elmo Willis. Can you help me?



Mary Shannon <walter5@noblestar.net> on Sun, 31 May 1998

I have a family Bible that was purchased at a yard sale in Palm Beach Co. Florida that I would like to return to the descendants of the RUSSELL'S listed inside.
The family is:
WILLIAM J. RUSSELL of Handcock Co.and MAGGIE YETTER of Handcock Co. married 14 May 1857 at 7:00 by Rev. BECK.
It lists their 7 children,some marriages and some deaths.William J. Russell d.25 March 1872 and Maggie (Yetter) Russell (Line?) d.4 July 1933.Some other names listed are ERVIN,BARR and KIRCHENSCHLAGER.Please help me get this Bible back to the RUSSELL descendants.


Debi Thacker <wthac22382@aol.com> on Sat, 30 May 1998

Looking for information on MILTON VALANDINGHAM ENGLAND b: 1858-1865 in Cumberland, Handcock Co., In. He married MARTHA VIOLA HUFFER b: 1864 in Cumberland, Handcock Co., In. on 17 July 1880 in Mt. Comfort, Handcock Co., In. They moved to Red Oak, Ia. a short time after they married. Would like information on parents and siblings of both.


james haywood <jhaywood@tgtel.com> on Mon, 25 May 1998

A family of Haywoods came to Handcock, County , Indiana between 1820 and 1840, from Kentucky. My gggrandfather was Elzy Haywood who was born in Handcock, County, In., in 1843. Elzy Haywood married there to a woman named Margarett, and had at least three children, Melissa Haywood , Monteval Haywood, and Austin Haywood. Austin Haywood was born in Handcock County in 1869, and Melissa was born in Handcock County in 1862. Elzy must have got a divorce, or his wife died because he came back to Kentucky in 1877. The spelling for some of the Haywoods before coming to Kentucky was Haygood. Can anyone give me any information on any of these people.. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Pat Gregory <PGregory@surf-ici.com> on Wed, 20 May 1998

Researching Joseph F. BARTLOW married to Minerva BARRETT in Hancock County, IN on 13 May 1847. Joseph was the son of James BARTLOW and Phebe FORT. Minerva was the daughter of John BARRETT and Elizabeth SMITH. Children of Joseph & Minerva BARTLOW were: Amanda Elizabeth (my ancestor), John Newton, Adda M., Armilda S. and unnamed infant. Know of only one brother for Joseph. That was Luther M. BARTLOW who was married to Darcus C. WALES. Any information welcome. Thanks!


wvaray <wvaray@ctc.net> on Tue, 19 May 1998

does any one have any information on the name drake
for hancock county? i have just started so i dont have
much information



Patrick Murphy <Tichgelaar@aol.com> on Mon, 18 May 1998

Seeking to correspond with others researching the descendants of the following gentlemen from Hancock County, IN: Milton Thayer ADKINS (1812 - 1853); Jesse ATKISON (ca1788 - ?); Jordan LACY (1803 - 1862); Benjamin J. REEVES (1810 - 1889); and Michael SHAFFER (1807 - 1866). Thanks, Patrick


Jody Coleman Weaver <Jjjjweaver@aol.com> on Mon, 18 May 1998

Looking for info on COLEMAN family. James Walter COLEMAN born Hancock Co., Indiana in 1875. Parents were James Elijah COLEMAN and Eliza Jane SUTHERLAND. They lived most of the time in Owen Co, Ky. Am looking for marriage record for James Elijah and Eliza Jane around 1868. Eliza's parents were Elijah SOUTHERLAND and Keziah (Kitty)BRECKINRIDGE. James Elijah's parents were Lindsey COLEMAN and Paulina WATKINS


Margaret A. Harvey <mah0mdk@aol.com> on Sun, 17 May 1998

Searching for information on the Levi HARVEY family listed in Hancock County census both in 1850 and 1860. In 1850, the family was listed in Jones Township, and in 1860, in Sugar Creek Township. (Based on a quick review of the County History, I'm assuming they were probably farming the same land and that the township organization merely changed around them.) Levi was born ~1807 in VT; his wife Sophia was born ~1810 in NY. The eldest child, Jerusba (sp?), was born ~1832 in OH. Children William H., John A., Nancy A., Noah M., George W., Sarah C., and Susan were born in IND between 1835 and 1853. By 1870 many of the family members were in IL; however it would appear that Jerusba, John A., Nancy A., and Noah M. may have remained in IN. Also appearing in the 1860 census was a Rufus HARVEY from VT. Am interested in determining whether he was related to Levi -- both from VT, and one of Levi's grandchildren was named Rufus.

Many thanks!


Beverly Wooten <skoolbus@indynet.com> on Fri, 15 May 1998



Kathie Shedd <seshedd@eee.org> on Mon, 04 May 1998

Looking for info on my great grandmother, Nancy Ann HENDRICKS. She married Daniel BURRIS on Oct 19, 1865, in Buck Creek Twp., Hancock Co., IN. Who are her parents? Was she born in Hancock Co? Any info about her family, or his, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Joan Watson <sowatso@aol.com> on Fri, 01 May 1998

Charles MARTIN, b.1829, IN. Married to Margaret. Charles is single in Hancock Co. 1850 census as a boarder. Charles and Margaret have son,Charles La Mar Martin, b.5 Sep 1858, Vernon, Hancock Co.


Sue Ellen Porter <73760.766@compuserve.com> on Mon, 27 Apr 1998

I am looking for information on Hugh Porter listed in the 1830 census for Hancock Co. IN, in Sugarcreek twp. He was born between 1870 -1880. In 1833 a Hugh Porter bought land in Hancock Co, IN. I find no listing for him after 1830. Hugh may have been related to Silas Porter who died in Hancock Co about 1852. I have a copy of probate documents for Silas. I believe Silas also bought land in Sugarcreek Twp of Hancock Co. Silas was born in PA. I would also like any additional info on Silas.

There is a Hugh Porter listed in the 1820 IN census, in Franklin Co. He is listed as being born before 1775 and among his children, he has two sons age 10 - 16.

There is a Hugh Porter listed in the tax records for Fayette Co, IN in 1829.

I do not know if the Franklin Co, Fayette Co and Hancock Co Hugh Porter listings are for the same person. I suspect they are. Thank you so much for your help. Sue Ellen Porter PO Box 60155, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-0155, Phone 408-735-7507. Email 73760.766@compuserve.com


Peggy Carey <genbug@jps.net> on Sun, 26 Apr 1998

Need to varify parents of PETER BELLESS b.c1823 Hancock Co, OH m. 1853 Fulton Co, IL CATHARINE COAKLEY b.c1835, OH. Peter d.1865 Civil War, Memphis, TN. Could his parents be JOSEPH & CATHARINE BELLESS both b. OH/PA? Joseph d. 1881 Fulton Co, IL. All help appreciated.


LaVon Campbell <LaVcamp@aol.com> on Fri, 24 Apr 1998

I'm looking for information on Blanche Cly Dance. She was born in Hancock County 10 Aug 1880. She married John Dance and lived in Greenfield until 1963 when she died. She is buried in Philadelphia Cemetery. Also would like any info on the Cly family of Greenfield and Hancock County. Thanks in advance.


Judith Braithwaite <jb2547@aol.com> on Wed, 22 Apr 1998,
in response to message posted by Roxann Shafer on Wed, 22 Apr 1998

John Weaver b 12 Jul 1816 PA; d Hancock, IN., had a daughter, Nancy Catherine Weaver. She md Henry Newton Plummer abt. 1870 Marion Co., IN. Henry Newton Plummer was born 22 SEP 1849 Marion, IN. & died 23 Aug 1935 Marion, IN.
Henry & Nancy had the following children, Lizzie Smith, Josephine, Dasie Smith, Martha Susan, Stella May, Mabel, Ernest C., Harry N., Ida, & Raymond Author. Any additonal info you could offer would be appreciated.


Roxann Shafer <RoxShafer@AOL.com> on Wed, 22 Apr 1998,
in response to message posted by Roxann Shafer on Sat, 4 Apr 1998

We will be travelling from April 25 to Oct 20. Please post any response but be patient for a reply. Thanks.


Richard Cooper <rcooper@hrtc.net> on Tue, 21 Apr 1998,
in response to message posted by Janet Davis on Tue, 21 Apr 1998

My great grandmother was a Dye. Unfortunately, I have very limited info. Mary E. DYE was born in Indiana 3-7-1867 and married John W BOGGS 10-5-1882. They are both buried at Park Cemetery in Greenfield. I have yet to find out who her parents were. There is a Dye Cemetery in Hancock County (CR 300 W, 1/4 mile south of US40) and a number of Dye's are buried at Philadelphia Cemetery. There is some info in the Hancock County Census. John Dye in the 1840 census, 1850 in Jones Twp. In 1860 Ellison, John, and William H. Dye in sugar Creek Twp. and Samuel Dye in Center Twp. Good luck.


Janet Davis <eddavis@inland.net> on Tue, 21 Apr 1998

Searching for anyone in HANCOCK CO. Greenfield area for information on STANSBERRY, STRONG, CALDWELL, DYE and CLOUD. These were hard working people that did not leave much information to anyone. I need help!


Richard Cooper <rcooper@hrtc.net> on Tue, 21 Apr 1998

Vincent and Amany COOPER came to Hancock County from Boone County, Ky, about 1832. Any info on their Kentucky background? James and Susannah CASS came to Hancock County from North Carolina about 1833. Any info on their background? Thank you.


George Simmons <simmons@iei.net> on Sun, 19 Apr 1998

My grandfather, Noah Matt Simmons, born in/near Wilkinson b 9.19.1885 d 12.16.1949. Father was Robert E Simmons b 1.20.1854 d 3.22.1928. Mother was Missouri Anna Cook b 1.8.1854 d 3.2.1939. Robert E came from Pennsylvania with son John August about 1880, married Missouri Anna 7.16.1881. Noah married Pearl Pryor b 7.25.1885 d 12.26.1957 about 1914/15. Noan and Pearl had three children Noah Lewis, George Paul and Anna Margaret. Any info on SIMMONS or COOK much appreciated.


Judith Hedrick Braithwaite <jb2547@aol.com> on Thu, 16 Apr 1998

Looking for info on Samuel Miller Brown Weaver b 18 May 1851, Hancock Co., IN. md to Mary Leona Whitaker. She was b. 3 Sep 1857 Hancock Co., IN. Also Samuel's father, John Weaver who md Julia Ann Perry. Mary Leona's father David Allen Whitaker md Phoebe Ellen Smith.


Bonnie Andrews <BFA1998@aol.com> on Thu, 16 Apr 1998

REsearching the following names, We are starting a Genealogical Society here in Hancock Co., Indiana, to promote family and Hancock History.


Ballita Schafer <19501952@ctaz.com> on Tue, 14 Apr 1998

Am searching for info about Samuel Richardson, b. in Ohio. How is he related to Nancy Cummins? Mark Richardson is mentioned in a will as residing in Hancock Co. IN. How is he related to Samuel Richardson?


Nancy Weston <lsweston@netusa1.net> on Mon, 6 Apr 1998,
in response to message posted by Nancy Weston on Mon, 6 Apr 1998

I'm sorry I listed 1850 census as Hamilton Co., IN. I meant Hancock IN census, 1850. Please excuse my error.

Nancy Weston


Nancy Weston <lsweston@netusa1.net> on Mon, 6 Apr 1998

Searching for Elizabeth Jane WYNN or BANNON and James Riley VEACH or BANNON in Hancock & Henry Counties, IN. They are listed in will of grandfather, Michael BANNON, Hancock Co. on 2/13/1860 as "Eliz. Jane WYNN and James R. BANNON, children of my dau. Nancy Bannon deceased". In 1850 census of Hamilton Co., IN she was living with Michael BANNON, listed age 6 yrs, but name as Elizabeth J. BANNON. Her brother or half brother was on same census as William R. VEACH, age 9 yrs living with Aunt & Uncle Andrew J. and Mary J. CAUDLE. He later changed his name to William Riley BANNON. No listings of marriage of Nancy or her death. Fathers of both children unknown. Does anyone have knowledge of this family? James was born in Henry Co. Elizabeth may have gone to live with WYNN family in Henry Co. after grandfather's death. Thanks

Nancy J. Weston
E-Mail lsweston@netusa1.net


Richard Johnson <rjohnson@plix.com> on Sat, 4 Apr 1998

Information wanted on Peter SINK, who is listed on the 1840 Hancock County, Indiana, Federal Census.,page 394.
Census.,page 394.


Roxann Shafer <RoxShafer@AOL.com> on Sat, 4 Apr 1998

Looking for CHAPMAN and PLUMMER descendents that came to Hancock, Marion and Rush counties between 1820-1840.
Daniel Dillman m. Margaret Plummer in 1828 in Brown County, OH. She was the daughter of Thomas Kirk Plummer and Mary Chapman PLUMMER. Their children listen in 1850 census were Polly A., James, Christina, Elizabeth, Amanda, Samuel, Oliver, Melvina, and Sarah.

Also, George P. Lakin married Christina Plummer in 1850 in Marion County, but they were living in Hancock County in 1850. Who is Christina? Where did they go?

George N. Plummer m. Polly Plummer (his cousin) in 1833 in Marion County, IN. He was the son of Jeremiah and Monica Chapman PLUMMER and she was the daughter of Thomas Kirk and Mary Chapman PLUMMER, George N. later married Deborah McConnell, the widow of John M. McConnell in 1856. Who was Deborah? Where did George's children end up? I know many died young, but what of the rest?

John Wesley Plummer married Rachel Whiteside in 1833 and Martha Hamilton in 1841? Was Kirk Plummer John and Rachel's son? John Wesley was the son of Thomas Kirk and Mary Chapman PLUMMER. Was Martha Hamilton related to Anderson Hamilton? How many children did John Wesley have?

Finally, James Scott married Jane Plummer in 1845 in Hancock County, IN. Who is Jane? Their son's name is Job; is Jane related to Joel Plummer from Harrison County, VA/WV?

My CHAPMAN family came from Maryland (most likely) to Kentucky to Ohio then to Indiana. I don't have anything that links them to Joseph CHAPMAN or Elisha CHAPMAN; are they related?

My PLUMMER family followed the same route and intermarried many times, but I don't think they are related to Joel PLUMMER.

Any help would be appreciated. Have notes on other CHAPMAN's and PLUMMER's that I can't prove are related. Will share what I have. hat I have.


John Malcolm Penn <jpenn@cyberg8t.com> on Wed, 1 Apr 1998

Looking for any OLVEY surnames in Hancock Co. IN. Enoch Olvey who m. Martha "Pasty" DENNEY moved there in 1826 and had 12 known issue, of which a Jasper Olvey b. 1847 is a suspected 2gr-grandparent.

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