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The following is a transcription of a newspaper article in a scrapbook belonging to my Grandmother, Bernice (Howard) Barrett. The newspaper is probably from Greenfield, Hancock Co. Indiana and is estimated to have been sometime around 1915. The scrapbook contains many other obits and articles about local happenings. As I get the time to transcribe them all, I will send some on for the enjoyment of others.


Thirty-One Helped Thomas Holland Celebrate Eighty-Eighth Birthday--Splendid Dinner and Grand Good Time

The Civil War veterans from here who attended the birthday celebration of Thomas Holland at Maxwell Wednesday, reported a grand good time with their aged comrade who has now passed the eighty-eighth milestone in life's journey.

There were thirty-one of the veterans who attended and enjoyed the day, and their average age was 72 1/2 years. The oldest was Mr. Holland, the host, and the youngest was W. H. Power, who is 64 years old. Both were members of the 99th Indiana, Company B. A great feast was served at noon, and the soldiers attacked the good things to eat with the same energy and determination they attacked their enemies half a century ago. Although on this occasion the ranks of the opposing forces were badly shattered, there was still more than a remnant left when the attacking forces had done their utmost. The soldiers say they never sat down to a better dinner. The company was entertained by different members with readings and stories, and with songs.

The names, ages, regiments and companies of all present are as follows:

Thomas Holland, age 88, Co. B, 99th Indiana
H. C. Tibbetts, age 75, Co. B, 99th Indiana
W. H. Powers, age 64, Co. B, 99th Indiana
Nevil Reeves, age 76, Co. B, 99th Indiana
Wm. Catt, age 77, Co. B, 99th Indiana
Jacob Davis, age 75, Co. B, 99th Indiana
Jared C. Meek, age 84, Co. G, 5th Indiana Cavalry
Adam Hutton, age 68, Co. G, Indiana Cavalry
Wm P. Denney, age 72 years, Co. B, 2nd Indiana Cavalry
Lafayette Slifer, age 72, Co. I, 8th Indiana Infantry
Henry Snow, age 74, Co. I, 8th Indiana Infantry
John H. Duncan, age 74, Co. I, 8th Indiana Infantry
J. M. Larrimore, age 69, Co. E, 7th Missouri Cavalry
David True, age 75, Co. D, 38th Indiana Infantry
J. P. Murphy, age 69, Co. D, 79th Indiana Infantry
Wm Reynolds, age 72, Co. C, 79th Indiana Infantry
Stephen Jackson, age 69, Co. B, 89th Indiana Infantry
William Hutton, age 72, Co. B, 79th Indiana Infantry
George Johnson, age 69, Co. F, 4th U. S. Cavalry
Taylor Morford, age 64, Co. A, 184th Ohio Infantry
T. H. Coffey, age 68, Co. I, 51st Indiana Infantry
John K. Henby, age 72, Co. F, 51st Indiana Infantry
Morris Hinchman, age 68, Co. I 54th Indiana Infantry
John Holliday, age 77, Co. H, 151st Indiana Infantry
John Barr, age 67, Co. K, 54th Indiana Infantry
Wm H. Payne, age 70, Co. I, 37th Indiana Infantry
Warren R. King, age 70, Co. K, 69th U. S. Navy
Albert T. Roberts, age 77, Co. G, 9th Indiana Infantry
Joseph Martin, age 71, Co. A, 53rd Indiana Infantry
Edwin Martin, age 71, Co. A, 53rd Indiana Infantry
George W. Reed, age 69, Co. K, 16th Indiana Infantry

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