Hancock County Birth Index

K - Kel

These records were transcribed by Cindy Jones from the WPA Index to Birth Records, Hancock Co., Indiana. These records were compiled by the Indiana Works Progress Administration in 1938. The index includes letters A-Z for the years 1882-1920.
Child's Name Father's Name Mother's Name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Kaeniger Chas. ng Scott F W 2 Dec 1895 CH-18 21
Kahlor John Laura Walton M W 11 Oct 1894 H-5 340
Kahlor John ng Walton M W 11 Oct 1894 CH-18 17
Kaiser Wm. J. Mary Harting F W 5 Aug 1887 H-3 271
Kaiser Wm. J. ng ng F W 15 June 1889 H-3 598
Kaiser, John C. Wm. J. ng Harting M W 12 Apr 1892 H-4 401
Kaiser, Wm. F. Wm. J. Mary E. Harting M W 6 Dec 1891 H-4 196
Kammever Henry Jessie Shader F W 22 Feb 1893 H-5 61
Kanber Noble P. H. Sarah L. Elsbery M W 4 Apr 1893 H-5 76
Kanfelt Harry Anna Yingling F W 10 Nov 1893 H-4 455
Kanfelt Harry Anna Yingling F W 10 Nov 1893 CH-18 13
Kapp, Alvin E. Orville A. Edna R. Ellis M W 6-Apr-1920 H-16 42
Karr S. A. Martha McMarice F W ng ng 1903 H-24 66
Karr Robert Addie M. Boring F W 12-Dec-1903 H-13 36
Karr S. A. Martha McNamara F W 17-Dec-1903 H-13 36
Karr S. T. Nora Ketchel M W 18-Jan-1904 H-13 38
Karr S. T. Nora Kitchel M W 18-Jan-1904 H-24 66
Kassen, Mary Samuel Elberta Nelson F W 15-Nov-1910 CH-19 40
Katon Carey Leora Lowe F W 23-Oct-1901 H-8 38
Kattkalski, Ervane Charles F. Caraline Spier M W 13-Oct-1919 H-16 34
Kattloski, Mildred Charles Carrie Spier F W 13-Jan-1916 H-15 81
Kayler John Laura Walton F W 10 May 1893 H-5 92
Kaylor John Laura Walton F W 10 May 1893 CH-18 11
Kearns Orville Cora Myer M W 15 Aug 1898 H-6 335
Kearns Orvil J. Cora Myer M W 24 Feb 1891 H-4 234
Kearns Orville Cora Myers M W 29 Mar 1897 ng 107
Keaton Carey Rama Lowe M W 6-Apr-1903 H-13 25
Keaton Carey ng Love M W 11 Oct 1894 H-5 342
Keaton, Daisy M. Earl M. Nellie M. Rogers F W 4-Aug-1914 H-15 31
Keaton, Elbert Harry May Edwards M W 6-Mar-1915 H-15 56
Keaton, James L. Henry Mary Edwards M W 1-Nov-1913 H-15 17
Keaton, Lester Carl C. Nellie M. Rogers M W 22-Mar-1918 H-16 5
Keaton, Melvin Earl C. Nellie Rogers M W 14-Jun-1920 H-16 44
Keatts, Leroy Alva C. Hattie Pratt M W 15-Jun-1919 H-16 29
Keatts, Rich Alvah C. Kate E. Pratt M W 13-Apr-1913 H-15 6
Keblier Jas. W. ng ng F W 5 Aug 1889 H-4 13
Keck George Clara Robinson F W 10 Feb 1893 H-5 57
Keck Geo. W. ng Hunt M W 27 Oct 1885 H-2 23
Kedwell Oscar L. Mosetta Conner M W 6 Jan 1890 H-4 70
Keeley Geo. M. Dolly Miller M W 21 Mar 1894 CH-18 16
Keely Samuel Anna Wright M W 22 Apr 1888 H-3 397
Keely John Mary A. Keely M W 22-Jan-1902 H-13 1
Keely E. M. Dolly Miller M W 21 Mar 1894 H-5 221
Keely Edward H. Lizzie E. Purvis F W 18 Oct 1888 H-3 480
Keely Alford Mary E. Lynam F W 14 Sept 1885 H-2 20
Keely, Sam Sam Anna Wright F W 14 Dec 1892 H-4 359
Keems, Geo. P. Clide G. Edna Lacy M W 9-Feb-1908 H-11 13
Keesling Vinton Anna Jackson F W 24-Jun-1907 H-11 2
Keesling, Robert Sylvester Anna Jackson M W 11-Nov-1915 H-15 76
Keever Geo. ng Beling F W 8 Jan 1895 H-5 380
Keicher, Martha Benton G. Ren?? Davis F W 16-Jul-1916 H-12 56
Keicher, Martha Benton G. Rive Davis F W 16-Jul-1916 H-15 99
Keilhols John Mary Laufer F W 3 Jan 1894 H-5 186
Keilholtz John Mary Laufer M W 26-Mar-1901 H-7 4
Keilholz John Mary Lanfer M W 26-Mar-1901 H-8 27
Keimann Chas. H. Ida Prange M W 31-Mar-1909 H-11 32
Keirter, William William Lucinda Jackson M W 11 Oct 1896 H-6 71
Keiser Dayton Mary Henby F W 24 Apr 1886 H-2 35
Keiser ng Louisa Coffin F W 24 Apr 1886 H-2 35
Keiser Dayton ng Henby F W 5 Aug 1895 H-5 440
Keiser Dayton Mary Henby F W 15 June 1888 H-3 417
Keiser Chas. P. Francis F. F W 16 June 1891 CH-18 2
Keiser Chas. G. Francis F. Burys F W 16 June 1891 CH-18 5
Keiser Chas. P. Frances F. Burrough F W 16 June 1891 H-4 678
Keister John R. Lenora Hiland F W 12 Feb 1890 H-4 87
Kellar John Fannie McGee M W 17 Aug 1891 H-4 306
Keller F. ng Curry F W 13-Apr-1904 H-13 43
Keller Henry Irena Johnson M W 20 Aug 1883 H-1 162
Keller Wm. A. Fannie M. Curry F W 6 Aug 1893 H-5 121
Keller ng . ng Johnson F W 22 Dec 1888 H-3 508
Keller Ben F. ng Curry M W 16-Jan-1907 H-10 44
Keller F. ng Raye M C 31 Jan 1896 CH-18 21
Keller Frank Belle Page M W 31 Jan 1896 H-5 501
Keller Wm. ng Curry F W 27 Mar 1895 H-5 399
Keller B. F. ng Curry F W 23-May-1902 H-13 7
Keller James ng Reeves F W 8 May 1882 H-1 74
Keller Frank B. Page F C 23 Nov 1899 H-9 2
Keller John ng Kosborn F W 24-Nov-1905 H-10 25
Keller B. F. E. M. Curry F W 8 Nov 1899 H-6 510
Keller Henry ng Johnson M W 9 Oct 1885 H-2 22
Keller, Angis Frank Bell Page F C 23 Nov 1899 H-6 513
Keller, Edith Jesse ng Roney ng ng 2 Mar 1892 H-4 386
Keller, Jewell James Bonnie Collier F W 31-Oct-1916 H-15 104
Keller, Margaret Cassius Ethel Gard F W 24-Jul-1909 H-11 38
Keller, Palmer W. Geo. C. Bertha Wendall M W 20-Jul-1912 H-11 95
Kelley J. W. ng Anderson F W 18-Aug-1902 H-13 12
Kelley John Mary Kelley M W 19 Aug 1897 H-6 187
Kelley Wm. Mary Kelley M W 3 Aug 1890 H-4 145
Kelley John ng Henderson F W 3 Aug 1892 H-4 443
Kelley William Kate Kelly F W 28 Dec 1885 H-2 26
Kelley John Mary Keeley F W 29 July 1893 H-5 114
Kelley Geo. ng McRoska M W 24-Jun-1904 H-13 45
Kelley John Emma Henderson F W 2 Nov 1882 H-1 106
Kelley, Glenn Evert Bealorin Kelly M W 3-Jan-1920 H-16 38
Kellman George Etta Albright F W 8-Apr-1902 H-13 6
Kellogg, Eunice Wilbur R. Frances Frank F W 10-Aug-1910 H-12 32
Kellum, Adaline George Ctta Albright F W 6-Oct-1915 H-14 3
Kellum, Adaline F. George Elta Albright F W 6-Oct-1915 H-15 74
Kelly Wm. ng Kelly M W 19-Apr-1902 H-7 6
Kelly John F. Ella Henderson M W 7 Aug 1886 H-3 60
Kelly John Mary Kelly M W 8-Feb-1900 H-8 4
Kelly Wm. Mary A. Kelly M W 8-Feb-1900 H-7 2
Kelly John Mary Kelly M W 22-Jan-1902 H-7 6
Kelly W. ng M W 26 May 1891 H-4 668
Kelly B. F. Sowders F W 13-Nov-1901 H-7 5
Kelly John W. ng Henderson M W 22 Oct 1884 H-1 252
Kelly, Constance John P. Dornia M. Kinniaman F W 8-Jan-1920 H-16 38
Kelly, Margaret William Katie Kelly ng ng 16 Feb 1893 H-5 59
Kelly, Mary A. Hervey Nora Denny F W 27-Sep-1908 H-12 12
Kelly, Mary E. John P. Donna M. Kinniman F W 26-Nov-1917 H-15 131
Kelly, Neva I. Narvey Nora Denney F W 14-Sep-1918 H-12 64
Kelly, Nora Wm. Kate Kelly F W 18 July 1887 H-3 247
Kelly, Ralph Hervey Nora Denny M W 20-Dec-1910 H-12 34
Kelsch Harry ng Perry M W 21-Feb-1907 H-10 47
Kelsner John Louisa Smith F W 23 Feb 1888 H-3 362
Kelso, Ida E. Fred Jessie Kramer F W 7-Oct-1919 H-16 34
Kelso, Man I. Fred Jessie Krames M W 21-Mar-1917 H-15 113
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B-Ban | Bar-Baz | Be-Bh | Bi-Boi | Bol-Boy | Bra-Bre | Bri-Bro | Bru-Bz
C-Cap | Car | Cas-Ce | Ch-Cl | Ch-Cl | Cn-Col | Com-Cook | Coon-Cook | Cop-Coy | Cp-Cros | Crou-ng
D-Dau | Dav-Daz | De | Di | Do-Dr | Du-Dz
E-Ec | Ed-El | Em-Ez
F-Fa | Fe | Fi | Fl | Fo | Fr | Fu
G-Gar | Gas-Gi | Gl-Go | Gr-Grif | Grig-Gz
H-Ham | Han-Harp | Harr-Haw | Hay-Hend | Heni-Him | Hin-Holl | Holm-Hub | Huc-Hum | Hun-Hz
J-Jack | Jaco-Jay | Je-Ji | Jo-Johnso | Johnst-Jz
K-Kel | Kem-Kil | Kime-Kinf | King-Kinz | Kir-Km | Kn-Ko | Kr-Kz
L-La | Le-Li | Lo-Lz

Please note: Many names are spelled incorrectly/different than we do today. These are merely transcribed the way they were written in the WPA index files. Many individuals couldn't read or write and didn't know how to spell their names so they were at the mercy of whoever wrote them down. Then when the WPA transcription was done those poor folks had to read and transcribe handwritten documents (some of which are none too legible). So......there is no wonder we are all confused about how to spell "old" family names.

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