Hancock County Birth Index

Kem - Kil

These records were transcribed by Cindy Jones from the WPA Index to Birth Records, Hancock Co., Indiana. These records were compiled by the Indiana Works Progress Administration in 1938. The index includes letters A-Z for the years 1882-1920.
Child's Name Father's Name Mother's Name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Kemberly Wm. Emma Nickol M W ng Oct 1895 H-5 473
Kemerly Ozro Denny Humes F W 25-Apr-1903 H-7 8
Kemerly Ozro Denna L. Humes F W 28-Apr-1903 H-13 25
Kemerly Walter Maggie Stewart M W 24-Feb-1906 H-10 30
Kemerly Cornelius Cynthia Rozel M W 21 Jan 1890 H-4 78
Kemerly Walter Maggie Stewart M W 3-Jan-1901 H-8 23
Kemerly Walter Maggie Stuart F W 13 Mar 1893 H-5 70
Kemerly Walter Mag Stuart M W 10-Oct-1904 H-7 13
Kemerly W. ng Stuart M W 10-Oct-1904 H-13 53
Kemerly, Beatrice Herman C. Maud Brown F W 14-Jan-1916 H-15 81
Kemerly, Chas. Chas. Emma Marion M W 22-Mar-1904 H-13 41
Kemerly, Herschel Clarence Hazel Cook M W 8-Jan-1920 H-16 39
Kemerly, Mary Clarence Hazel Cook F W 3-Sep-1914 H-15 32
Kemerly, Mary L. Raymond Lore Russell F W 29-May-1913 H-15 8
Kemerly, Paul F. Herman Maud Brown M W 22-Jan-1917 H-15 110
Kemerly, Russell Raymond Tace Russell M W 4-Oct-1914 H-15 34
Kemerly, Ruth Herman Maude Brown F W 31-Jul-1913 H-12 44
Kemper Frank Ethel Hayes F W 4-Mar-1903 H-13 23
Kenagy S. A. ng Lakey M W 8-Jan-1905 H-9 20
Kendall James Clard Deardorf F W 15-May-1902 H-13 7
Kendall, Forest John W. Agnes Lonsdale M W 6-Jan-1915 CH-20 15
Kendall, John C. John W. Agnes Lonsdale M W 1-Sep-1912 CH-19 60
Kendall, John F. Ira ng McNew M W 14 June 1896 H-5 577
Kendall, Thomas John W. Agnes B. Londale M W 14-Apr-1911 CH-19 44
Kennaman A. H. Nettie Whitsel M W 21-Sep-1901 H-8 36
Kenndy Chas. J. Mary E. Walker F W 25 Aug 1889 H-4 20
Kennedy ng ng Kenedy M W 9 Dec 1887 H-3 352
Kennedy J. C. Louise L. Reeves F W 30 Jan 1884 H-1 204
Kennedy John ng Walls M W 10 July 1894 H-5 269
Kennedy J. F. ng Wilson F W 27-Jul-1905 H-10 18
Kennedy I. W. H. L. Wawls M W 28 July 1892 H-4 441
Kennedy Chas. Ida Dennis M W 13 June 1891 H-4 674
Kennedy Johnson C. Louisa Reeves M W 8 Mar 1882 H-1 64
Kennedy John ng Reeves M W 5 May 1896 H-5 567
Kennedy John C. ng Reeves F W 19-Oct-1903 H-13 34
Kennedy John Hettie Reeves F W 29 Oct 1891 H-4 339
Kennedy C. J. M. Walker F W 3 Sept 1893 H-5 132
Kennedy John Hilter Reeves M W 30 Sept 1899 H-6 483
Kennedy, Alice L. Harrison Mary M. Smith F W 9-Aug-1913 CH-20 20
Kennedy, Anna Freeman Cora Walker F W 12-Jun-1917 H-15 121
Kennedy, David Harrison Mary M. Smith M W 15-Feb-1918 CH-22 1
Kennedy, Harland Roy T. Nemma C. Krammer M W 17-Jul-1918 CH-22 3
Kennedy, Helen Jesse F. Lestina A. Wilson F W 20-May-1910 H-11 52
Kennedy, Herbert Roy L. Nema C. Krammer M W 17-Jul-1918 CH-22 3
Kennedy, Lowell E. Freeman Cora Walker M W 3-Apr-1915 H-15 58
Kennedy, Madaline Emery T. Nettie Kinsey F W 28-Mar-1914 H-14 1
Kennedy, Mary A. Harrison G. Mary M. Smith F W 13-May-1916 H-15 94
Kennedy, Mary A. Harrison G. Mary M. Smith F W 13-May-1916 CH-20 24
Kennedy, Ralph Ila Cecil Kegerris M W 12-Mar-1917 H-15 114
Kennedy, Russell Emery Nettie Kinsey M W 28-Oct-1915 H-15 74
Kennedy, Russell Emery Nettie Kensey M W 28-Oct-1915 H-14 3
Kennedy, Wallace Ila Cecil Kegerrees M W 28-Mar-1918 H-16 6
Kennerly Walter Maggie Stewart M W 25-Mar-1902 H-13 5
Kenney, George Geo. Minnie Bell M W 23-Jun-1913 H-15 9
Kenton Carrie ng Dun F W 22 July 1897 H-6 171
Kenyon Wm. A. Williams M W 26 Nov 1884 H-1 256
Keppler, Ruben Oscar Mary Robe M W 7-Mar-1911 H-25 2
Kerlin, Margaret Clarence J. Mary E. Tracy F W 9-Aug-1913 CH-20 4
Kerns Stephson Martha Liming M W 6 Jan 1898 H-6 249
Kerns C. G. ng Lacy F W 14-Oct-1903 H-13 34
Kerwyn Henry Oceana Kerwyn M W 5 Sept 1883 H-1 168
Kesler John Mary A. Rush M W 16 May 1892 H-4 415
Kesling, John Harrison L. Ethel Ebbert M W 30-Jul-1917 H-15 123
Kessel Pete Marg. Cuspara F W 17 Mar 1882 H-1 66
Kessler John Mary N. Rash M W 23 Jan 1884 H-1 204
Kessler G. ng Hiday M W 4-Jul-1904 H-13 48
Kessler Tom Kate Hiday F W 11-Jun-1905 H-7 15
Kessler Thos. ng Hiday F W 11-Jun-1905 H-10 15
Kessler, Floyd L. George Anna Hiday M W 26-Jul-1920 H-16 46
Kessler, Marvin Geo. Anna Hiday M W 7-Jan-1913 H-15 1
Kestor, A. L. Ed. Kate Kestor F W 23-Dec-1915 H-15 78
Kettery John Phoebe Dunbar F W 22 June 1897 H-6 157
Kettlehut Carl Elizabeth Preiss F W 4 Apr 1898 H-24 42
Kettlehut Theodore Augusta Rsonsity M W 26 Jan 1895 H-24 32
Kettlehut Theodore ng ng M W 26 Jan 1895 H-5 373
Kettlehut Carle ng ng F W 9 Nov 1896 H-6 49
Kettlehutt Carl ng ng F W 9 Nov 1896 H-24 39
Kidwell Oscar M. C. Conner F W 19 Feb 1886 H-2 30
Kidwell Moses W. Florence Alfrey M W 23-Jun-1918 H-16 11
Kidwell, Kathryn Moses W. Florence E. Alfrey F W 12-May-1916 H-15 92
Kidwell, Mary Moses N. Florence Alfrey F W 22-Jun-1920 H-16 45
Kidwell, Mose W. Oscar T. M. E. Conner M W 15 Dec 1887 H-3 331
Kidwell, William Moses W. Florence E. Alfrey M W 17-Dec-1912 H-11 101
Kifer L. F. Eliza Samuels M W 18 Nov 1884 H-1 254
Kiger Dayton ng Mollie F W 6 Aug 1889 H-4 14
Kiger James C. Ruby Tyner M W 22-Jan-1901 H-8 23
Kiger James C. Ruby Tyner M W 22-Jan-1904 H-13 38
Kiger C. L. H. R. Hancock M W 26-Mar-1900 H-9 5
Kiger Chls. H. Ruley Hancock M W 26-Mar-1900 H-8 7
Kiger John J. E. J. Wiggins F W 12 May 1884 H-1 220
Kiger, Russell ng Ruby Tyner M W 22-Jan-1904 H-9 17
Kight Wm. H. H. Pearsey F W 24 July 1898 CH-18 31
Kight William H. Harriett Pearsey F W 24 July 1898 H-6 330
Kihaltz John M. Sawfer M W 6 July 1898 H-6 321
Kilholtz John Mary Laufer F W 27-Dec-1903 H-7 10
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K-Kel | Kem-Kil | Kime-Kinf | King-Kinz | Kir-Km | Kn-Ko | Kr-Kz
L-La | Le-Li | Lo-Lz

Please note: Many names are spelled incorrectly/different than we do today. These are merely transcribed the way they were written in the WPA index files. Many individuals couldn't read or write and didn't know how to spell their names so they were at the mercy of whoever wrote them down. Then when the WPA transcription was done those poor folks had to read and transcribe handwritten documents (some of which are none too legible). So......there is no wonder we are all confused about how to spell "old" family names.

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