Hancock County Birth Index

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These records were transcribed by Cindy Jones from the WPA Index to Birth Records, Hancock Co., Indiana. These records were compiled by the Indiana Works Progress Administration in 1938. The index includes letters A-Z for the years 1882-1920.
Child's Name Father's Name Mother's Name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Krach B. Sophia Creeger F W 29 Aug 1885 H-2 19
Krach Benjamin Sophia Kruger M W 4 May 1883 H-1 142
Krach Benj. Sophia Kruger F W 16 Oct 1889 H-4 40
Kracht, Gladys Benjamin Zettie Lueckert F W 18-Apr-1919 H-16 26
Krack Benj. Sophia Kriger M W 31 Aug 1887 H-3 ng
Kraeer Samuel ng McKee F W 29 Oct 1894 CH-18 17
Kraft, Russell Charles A. Myrtle Nibarger M W 5-Jul-1915 H-14 2
Kraft, Russell Charles A. Myrtle Nibarger M W 5-Jul-1915 H-15 68
Kramer Thomas A. Amanda F. Wilson M W 1 Jan 1897 H-6 66
Kramer G. ng Stanley F W 9-Jul-1905 H-10 17
Kramer G. N. Ruth Stanley F W 9-Jul-1905 H-7 15
Kramer Robert A. Lydia A. Webb ng ng 3 May 1882 H-1 172
Kramer, Alfred Alfred A. Lulla A. Spall M W 30-May-1909 H-12 20
Krames Robert Cassie Webb F W 26 Apr 1884 H-1 ng
Krames Robt. A. Laura Webb M W 24 Dec 1886 H-3 141
Krames Robert M. Webb F W 8 Dec 1885 H-2 26
Krames Edward Rebecca Grigsby M W 8 Dec 1887 H-3 336
Krames E. E. Rebecca Grigsby M W 26 July 1890 H-4 139
Krames U. S. G. M. A. Davis F W 13 Nov 1891 H-4 347
Krames Robt A. Manora Webb M W 18 Sept 1888 H-3 467
Krames Robert A. Manora Webb F W 6 Sept 1889 H-4 27
Krames, Clinton Hugh Margaret Richie M W 21-Dec-1916 H-15 108
Krames, Clinton Hugh Margaret Richy M W 21-Dec-1916 H-14 5
Krames, Edna Hugh S. Pearl Richey F W 18-Oct-1919 CH-22 9
Krammas, Kenneth Hugh Pearl Richey M W 14-Mar-1910 H-11 49
Krammer Tho. A. Amanda Wilson F W 31 May 1893 H-5 96
Krammes Thos. A. ng Wilson F W 16 Apr 1895 CH-18 19
Krammes E. E. R. C. Grigsby M W 26 Aug 1892 H-4 449
Krammes Hugh Pearl Richey M W 18-Jul-1914 CH-20 11
Krammes Thomas A. Amanda Wilson M W 4-Jul-1903 H-13 29
Krammes Thomas A. Amanda Wilson F W 31 May 1893 CH-18 11
Krammis Grant Martha Davis M W 25-Mar-1900 H-8 7
Kraser Sam'l Ella McKee F W 29 Oct 1894 H-5 334
Kreaming ng . Kate Rodgers F W 22 Apr 1898 H-6 285
Kreft Anderson Mary Faut M W 12 Aug 1885 H-2 18
Kreft A. Mary Faut M W 10 Feb 1889 H-3 535
Kreft Andrew Mary Faut M W 15 Feb 1887 H-3 169
Krinkel Hermuch Ketrius Snider M W 12 Jan 1897 H-6 84
Krutz Fred Daisy Leamons M W 29-Mar-1907 H-9 28
Kuffner A. C. Mary L. Foy F W 2-May-1905 H-9 21
Kuhn D. A. ng Brown F W 23 Aug 1899 H-6 476
Kuhn L. A. ng Brown M W 30-Jan-1902 H-13 2
Kuhn L. A. ng Brown M W 30-Jan-1903 H-13 2
Kuhn Ord W. Maude Russell F W 18-Jun-1902 H-13 9
Kuhn, Chas. John T. Myrtle Kemerly M W 4-Jun-1908 H-12 9
Kuhn, Ethel Alonzo Daisy B. Cain F W 29-Apr-1916 H-15 91
Kuhn, Ethel Alonzo Daisy B. Cain F W 29-Apr-1916 H-14 4
Kuhn, Floyd John Etta Wilson M W 23-Dec-1913 H-15 19
Kuhn, Knowles Oliver A. Effie Downing M W 20-Feb-1915 H-15 55
Kuhn, Robert W. Ord W. Maude Bussell M W 23-Feb-1914 H-15 33
Kuhn, William M. L. Alva Clara A. Brown M W 8-Nov-1907 H-11 9
Kuhns, Catherine Walter L. Chnthia Traylor F W 3-Aug-1908 H-12 12
Kuhns, Rose Arthur Rose Hegmann F W 5-Apr-1910 H-12 30
Kulholtz John Mary Laufer F W 27-Dec-1903 H-13 37
Kuly William Kate Kuly M W 19-Apr-1902 H-13 6
Kune Jos. ng ng F W 2 Oct 1891 H-4 324
Kunman Albert Allie A. Whetsell M W 25 June 1887 H-3 236
Kunple Henrick Henretta Snider M W 24 Mar 1899 CH-18 35
Kuntz M. J. Ellen Ross M W 12-Feb-1904 H-13 39
Kuntz Chls. P. Anna E. Higa F W 2-Feb-1900 H-8 4
Kuntz C. ng Higi F W 15-Mar-1905 H-10 10
Kuntz Fred ng Leamons M W 29-Mar-1907 H-10 49
Kuntz, Malcolm Harry Matilda Shaffer M W 12-Jun-1912 H-12 40
Kuntz, Paul B. William Lora Gwinn M W 6-Apr-1900 H-8 9
Kurtz, Chas. Fred Daisy Clemens M W 17-Feb-1912 CH-19 52
Kurtz, Edna Fred I. Daisy M. Clements F W 17-Mar-1909 CH-19 20
Kuster William Jane Lovern M W 3 Apr 1882 H-1 68
Kyser Dayton H. Mary J. Snyder M W 21 Apr 1882 H-1 72
Kyser Geo. ng Wheeler F W 13 June 1898 H-6 316
Kyser Dayton ng Henby F W 29-Mar-1902 H-9 29
Kyser Dayton Mollie Henby F W 29-Mar-1902 H-13 4
Kyser Geo. Phoebe Wheeler F W 29 Oct 1889 H-4 45
Kyser, Cecil Geo. ng Wheeler M W 11 Jan 1887 H-3 163
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K-Kel | Kem-Kil | Kime-Kinf | King-Kinz | Kir-Km | Kn-Ko | Kr-Kz
L-La | Le-Li | Lo-Lz

Please note: Many names are spelled incorrectly/different than we do today. These are merely transcribed the way they were written in the WPA index files. Many individuals couldn't read or write and didn't know how to spell their names so they were at the mercy of whoever wrote them down. Then when the WPA transcription was done those poor folks had to read and transcribe handwritten documents (some of which are none too legible). So......there is no wonder we are all confused about how to spell "old" family names.

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