Hancock County Birth Index

King - Kinz

These records were transcribed by Cindy Jones from the WPA Index to Birth Records, Hancock Co., Indiana. These records were compiled by the Indiana Works Progress Administration in 1938. The index includes letters A-Z for the years 1882-1920.
Child's Name Father's Name Mother's Name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
King Oral O. Addie Runghare M W 28-Aug-1902 H-13 12
King Thomas Lenora Gallispee M W 24-Dec-1904 H-24 69
King T. ng Gillispie M W 24-Dec-1904 H-10 4
King Edward Ida Clark M W 14-Jul-1907 H-10 53
King E. ng Clark M W 15-Mar-1905 H-10 9
King A. H. Chnster Schilmier F W 24 Mar 1893 H-5 71
King, Agnes Ed. Ida Clark F W 28-Aug-1910 H-11 56
King, Dwight L. Rob. Beatrice Kean M W 30-Aug-1910 H-11 56
King, William Oscar Mary Goodwin M W 13-Nov-1920 CH-22 15
King, William Edward B. Ida Clark M W 9-Sep-1908 H-11 24
Kingan James Attie Roberts M W 12 Jan 1888 H-3 350
Kingan John R. Martha J. Roberts M W 17 Jan 1890 H-4 75
Kingan Jas. Hattie Roberts M W 29 Nov 1889 H-4 53
Kingan John R. Martha J. Roberts F W 30 Oct 1892 H-5 25
Kingan John F. Minerva D. Gant M W 16 Sept 1885 H-2 20
Kingan, Emanuel Sam Dora Merchant M W 31-Dec-1912 H-11 102
Kingan, Fredric Alex M. J. Johnson M W 20 Feb 1883 H-1 126
Kingan, Mary Samuel Dora L. Merchant F W 2-Aug-1911 H-11 77
Kingan, Ruth Samuel Dora Merchant F W 28-May-1916 H-15 93
Kingen John R. Martha Roberts M W 8-Aug-1902 H-13 12
Kingen John F. Minerva D. Gant F W 11 Feb 1887 H-3 167
Kingen Cicero Sarah E. Woods F W 9 Feb 1882 H-1 58
Kingen Alexander M. J. Johnson M W 24 Jan 1890 H-4 78
Kingen John R. Martha J. Roberts F W 3 Jan 1888 H-3 352
Kingen James Low J. Bustow F W 5 Jan 1882 H-1 52
Kingen Alexander Jane Johnson M W 19 July 1885 H-2 16
Kingen William R. N. E. Bridges F W 23 July 1883 H-1 ng
Kingen Edward E. V. Thomas M W 6 June 1892 H-4 423
Kingen Wm. T. Mary O. Shaffer M W 1 Mar 1890 H-4 99
Kingen John R. Martha J. Roberts F W 21 Mar 1885 H-2 8
Kingen Edward Viola Thomas M W 25 Mar 1897 H-6 117
Kingen Wm. R. Nancy E. Bridges M W 26 Mar 1889 H-3 560
Kingen Allen Margarete Shull M W 4 Mar 1887 H-3 179
Kingen James Low J. Brist M W 10 May 1883 H-1 144
Kingen Edward Viola Thomas F W 27 May 1889 H-3 588
Kingen, Dennis M. Robert L. Belle Michel M W 30-Oct-1917 H-15 130
Kingen, Ester M. Samie Dora Merchant F W 2-Apr-1918 H-16 6
Kingen, Harvey Ronnel Eva Sylvester M W 23-Feb-1916 H-15 86
Kingen, Helen Sammy Dora Merchant F W 6-Nov-1909 H-11 43
Kingen, Hilda M. Albert Ruth Day F W 14-Oct-1919 H-16 34
Kingen, James Sammie Dora Merchant M W 24-Feb-1920 H-16 40
Kingen, John Samuel Dora L. Merchant M W 9-Apr-1914 H-15 25
Kingen, Orval Ronald Eva M. Sylvester M W 15-Feb-1917 H-15 112
Kingery Fred ng Webber M W 12-Apr-1907 H-10 49
Kingery Jacob Jane Reece M W 23-Apr-1902 H-13 6
Kingery Jacob S. Reece F W 11 Aug 1886 H-3 64
Kingery Jacob Jane Reece F W 22 Aug 1889 H-4 19
Kingery Wm. E. V. Williams F W 25 Feb 1883 H-1 128
Kingery William Emily V. Williams M W 26 Feb 1885 H-2 4
Kingery Jacob Cindia J. Reece M W 7-Feb-1900 H-8 4
Kingery Homer Mannie Flannagan F W 6-Jul-1911 H-11 75
Kingery Wm. Mary Williams M W 1 Mar 1891 H-4 240
Kingery Fred ng Webber F W 29-May-1906 H-10 35
Kingery Wm. Mary Williams F W 25 Nov 1889 H-3 498
Kingery Homer Mary Flannagan F W 29-Nov-1905 H-7 16
Kingery Homer ng Flannagan F W 29-Nov-1905 H-10 25
Kingery Hurman Ethel Eakes F W 6-Nov-1911 H-11 83
Kingery Wm. Mary Williams M W 20 Sept 1888 H-3 471
Kingery George Viola M. Preston M W 23 Sept 1882 H-1 98
Kingery Jacob Jane B. ng F W 4 Sept 1891 H-4 321
Kingery, Cecil W. Fred Gertrude Weber M W 2-Dec-1918 H-16 19
Kingery, Chester Herman Elsie E. Eaks M W 6-Nov-1917 H-15 135
Kingery, Eda E. Homer Mamie Flanagan ng ng 7-Oct-1909 H-11 42
Kingery, Edna Herman Ethel Eaks F W 21-May-1915 H-15 60
Kingery, Emmerson Fred Gertrude Webber M W 22-Dec-1911 H-11 86
Kingery, Esther Homer Mammie Flanagan F W 30-Nov-1907 H-11 9
Kingery, Forest Herman Elsey E. Eakes M W 21-Feb-1920 H-16 40
Kingery, Francis D. Herman Ethal Eaks M W 12-Aug-1916 H-15 100
Kingery, Hilda Fred Gertrude Webber F W 5-Feb-1910 H-11 48
Kingery, Irwin Fredric Gertrude Webber M W 4-Jul-1913 H-15 10
Kingery, Kenneth Herman Ethel Eaks M W 21-May-1915 H-15 61
Kingery, Mable S. Geo. C. Flora E. Herron F W 25-Dec-1908 H-12 14
Kingery, Meral Fred Gertrude Webber M W 30-Jun-1914 H-15 28
Kingery, Ruth E. Fredric Gertrude Webber F W 14-Feb-1916 H-15 85
Kingery, William Herman Eithel Eakes M W 10-Feb-1913 H-15 2
Kingery, William Levi Lena May Keeley M W 14-Jul-1916 H-15 97
Kingley M. M. Nannie Talbert F W 1-Mar-1901 H-8 27
Kingon John F. Minerva D. Gout M W 7 Apr 1884 H-1 218
Kingon John R. Martha Roberts M W 30 May 1895 H-5 416
Kingon A. M. J. Johnson M W 16 Oct 1887 H-3 306
Kingon John ng Roberts M W 26-Sep-1905 H-10 22
Kingon, Randolph Samuel Bertha Merchant M W 22-Apr-1914 H-15 25
Kingon, Richard Samuel Dora L. Merchant M W 30-Jun-1908 H-11 21
Kinkade Bert ng Merrill M W 14-May-1906 H-10 34
Kinley William Emma Nickels M W ng Jan 1885 H-2 2
Kinley Fred Maggie Gwyn F W 6 Nov 1892 H-5 27
Kinnaman Carl Minnie Manship M W 8-Jan-1904 H-7 10
Kinnaman Carl Nina Manship M W 8-Jan-1904 H-13 38
Kinnaman Lee Mable Walker M W 2-Jul-1907 H-7 19
Kinnaman Lee Mable Walker M W 1-Jun-1904 H-7 12
Kinnaman Wm. Flo Alexandria F W 17-May-1906 H-7 17
Kinnaman Albert H. Anetta Whitsell F W 2 May 1893 H-5 86
Kinnaman Albert H. Annetta Whetsel F W 2 May 1893 H-17 22
Kinnaman Lee ng Walker M W 7-May-1902 H-7 6
Kinnaman Lee Mable Walker M W 7-May-1902 H-13 7
Kinnaman A. A. Nellie Whetsel F W 17 Nov 1899 H-6 514
Kinnaman A. H. ng Whetsel F W 22 Oct 1895 H-5 479
Kinnaman A. H. Alice A. Whetsel F W 23 Oct 1897 H-6 209
Kinnaman, Lois Joseph L. Flossie Rudebush F W 20-May-1911 H-12 36
Kinnaman, Maude Otis Minnie Lackey F W 24-Jan-1911 H-12 34
Kinnman A. H. Nellie Whetsel F W 17 Nov 1899 H-7 1
Kinsel C. E. ng Richardson M W 28 Jan 1896 H-5 505
Kinsley M. M. N. Talbert F W 1-Mar-1901 H-9 7
Kinsley Martin ng Falbert M W 9 Oct 1896 H-6 47
Kinsley M. ng Falbert M W 9 Oct 1896 CH-18 24
Kinsley Marcus M. Namnie Falbert M W 14 Sept 1892 CH-18 9
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K-Kel | Kem-Kil | Kime-Kinf | King-Kinz | Kir-Km | Kn-Ko | Kr-Kz
L-La | Le-Li | Lo-Lz

Please note: Many names are spelled incorrectly/different than we do today. These are merely transcribed the way they were written in the WPA index files. Many individuals couldn't read or write and didn't know how to spell their names so they were at the mercy of whoever wrote them down. Then when the WPA transcription was done those poor folks had to read and transcribe handwritten documents (some of which are none too legible). So......there is no wonder we are all confused about how to spell "old" family names.

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