Hancock County Birth Index

Kim - Kine

These records were transcribed by Cindy Jones from the WPA Index to Birth Records, Hancock Co., Indiana. These records were compiled by the Indiana Works Progress Administration in 1938. The index includes letters A-Z for the years 1882-1920.
Child's Name Father's Name Mother's Name Sex Color Date of Birth Book Page
Kimbel Rufus Carrie Wieland M W 13-Oct-1911 H-11 81
Kimberland A. Anna Jackson F W 1 Dec 1898 H-6 378
Kimberlin Jas. K. Incy M. Church M W 14 Aug 1882 H-1 90
Kimberlin, Delbert C. ng Jackson M W 23-Sep-1906 H-10 39
Kimberlin, Forest Wm. G. Eliza L. Lunford M W 31-May-1911 H-11 72
Kimberlin, Harold Lewis E. Mary E. Fletcher M W 3 Mar 1899 H-6 411
Kimberling Carnelius Cyntha Rozzell F W 28 Oct 1897 H-6 211
Kimberly Arthur Juda ng F W 15 Apr 1884 H-1 ng
Kimberly Chas. Emma Morrison F W 17 Dec 1891 H-4 200
Kimberly Jacob M. Sarah E. Orderdorf M W 30 Dec 1889 H-4 61
Kimberly ng ng Stewart M W 1 Jan 1888 H-3 340
Kimberly Charles Marium ng F W 14 Jan 1888 H-3 345
Kimberly Jas. Susan C. Winn F W 26 June 1889 H-3 603
Kimberly Walter Maggie ng M W 4 Nov 1898 H-6 370
Kimberly Chls. Emma Morison M W 13 Oct 1892 H-5 20
Kimberly C. ng Mason M W 15 Sept 1894 H-5 319
Kimble C. ng Moore M W 11-Dec-1904 H-10 3
Kimble, Elsie L. Rufus M. Carrie Wuland F W 12-Jun-1909 H-11 36
Kimbler Curtis ng Jackson M W 3-Oct-1901 H-8 37
Kimerly Jacob E. Oberdurf M W 31 Jan 1896 H-2 29
Kimerly C. ng Rozzell F W 19-Sep-1905 H-10 21
Kimerly, Richard Clarence Hazel Cook M W 27-Jan-1916 H-15 82
Kimmerling C. K. ng Rozzell ng W 30 Aug 1896 H-6 25
Kimmerly Cemetins ng Roxzell M W 12-Aug-1902 H-8 16
Kimmerly Jacob E. Mania F W 22 Jan 1883 H-1 118
Kimmerly Charles Emma Marion M W 24 Jan 1897 H-6 80
Kimmerly Walter ng Stewart F W 25 May 1896 H-5 567
Kimmick Geo. Ada W. Williams M W 25 Jan 1891 CH-18 2
Kimmick Geo. Ada Williams M W 25 Jan 1891 H-4 221
Kimmick, Dora Bert E. Cleo Brees F W 22-Jul-1918 CH-22 3
Kimmick, Glendola Bert Cleo Brees F W 24-Jul-1916 CH-20 25
Kimmick, Glendola Bert E. Cleo Brees F W 24-Jul-1916 H-15 98
Kinagy S. ng Lakey M W 8-Jan-1905 H-10 5
Kincade Amos Myrtle Hawkins M W 1-Apr-1905 H-7 14
Kincade Chas. Eva Myers M W 1-Dec-1906 H-7 18
Kincade Clance Kincade Girt M W 4-Jul-1904 H-7 12
Kincade Chas. Eva Myers M W 9 Mar 1899 H-7 1
Kincade Burt Carrie Merril M W 14-May-1906 H-7 17
Kincade Ott ng Doty F W 28-Sep-1903 H-7 10
Kincaid W. H. Alice M. Godsey F W 7-Feb-1902 H-13 3
Kincaid James Laura Bruner M W 3 Jan 1897 H-6 79
Kincaid, Thomas Jno. Jennie Unrue M W 1-Jun-1909 H-11 36
Kincain James Laura Bernus M W 1 Nov 1893 H-5 161
Kindall Jim ng Deardorf F W 15-May-1902 H-7 6
Kindall, Vernas John L. Estella M. Sparks M W 20-May-1920 H-16 43
Kindell, Walter Newton S. Ruth M. Wagner M W 25-Feb-1913 H-12 42
Kinder Raymond Nellie Comstock F W 10-Apr-1902 H-13 6
Kinder ng ng Bodkins M W 2-Apr-1904 H-9 17
Kinder T. ng Bodkins M W 2-Apr-1904 H-13 43
Kinder Harry ng Radcliff F W 12 Aug 1895 H-5 441
Kinder Raymond Nellie Comstock F W 2-Aug-1907 H-11 2
Kinder ng Daisy Kinder M W 10 Dec 1897 H-6 386
Kinder Richard Mary Bright M W 11 Feb 1884 H-1 208
Kinder R. J. Lyda Harold M W 28 Feb 1893 H-5 63
Kinder C. E. Martha Watson M W 6 July 1890 H-4 131
Kinder C. E. Martha Watson M W 6 July 1890 CH-18 1
Kinder Raymond Nellie Comstock F W 7-Jul-1919 H-16 30
Kinder Jeff ng Sheets F W 11 June 1892 H-4 426
Kinder E. E. Neattie Watson F W 24 Mar 1892 H-4 387
Kinder C. E. Mattie Watson F W 24 Mar 1892 CH-18 8
Kinder Royal Lida Harrell M W 27-Mar-1903 H-13 23
Kinder J. B. Francis Ross M W 22 May 1884 H-1 222
Kinder R. ng Comstock M W 4-May-1904 H-13 44
Kinder Jaff Catherine Sheets M W 9 May 1888 H-3 401
Kinder Roy ng ng M W 15 Nov 1895 H-5 486
Kinder Jeff C. Sheets F W 18 Nov 1893 H-4 458
Kinder Richard Mary Bridget F W 23 Nov 1899 H-4 51
Kinder Raymond Nellie Comstock F W 26 Nov 191? H-15 106
Kinder ng Pearl Kinder F W 10 Oct 1890 CH-18 1
Kinder ng Pearl Kinder F W 10 Oct 1890 H-4 174
Kinder Royal Lydia ng M W 14 Oct 1886 H-3 107
Kinder Richard Mary Brillget F W 22 Oct 1887 H-3 306
Kinder Jefferson ng Sheets M W 22 Oct 1895 H-5 470
Kinder Wm. ng Wiggins M W 26-Oct-1906 H-10 40
Kinder Raymond Nellie Comstock M W 9-Oct-1911 H-11 81
Kinder Al ng Breece F W 1 Sept 1886 H-3 78
Kinder, Caudy C. Jefferson Catharine Sheats M W 25 Nov 1882 H-1 110
Kinder, Chesleigh Glen Chessie Dennis M W 3-Feb-1910 H-11 47
Kinder, Dale Claude R. Dora A. Roberts M W 3-May-1909 CH-19 22
Kinder, Estella P. Raymond Nellie Comstock F W 24-Aug-1909 H-11 39
Kinder, Faith Jesse H. Augusta Miller F W 4-Jan-1918 H-16 2
Kinder, Freda M. Raymond Nellie Comstock F W 3-Jan-1915 H-15 39
Kinder, Naomia R. J. Mollie Bright F W 16 Oct 1893 H-5 149
Kinder, Ruth Jessie Augusta H. Miller F W 4-Jan-1918 H-14 7
Kinerson John R. W. J. Roberts M W 23-Mar-1900 H-8 8
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B-Ban | Bar-Baz | Be-Bh | Bi-Boi | Bol-Boy | Bra-Bre | Bri-Bro | Bru-Bz
C-Cap | Car | Cas-Ce | Ch-Cl | Ch-Cl | Cn-Col | Com-Cook | Coon-Cook | Cop-Coy | Cp-Cros | Crou-ng
D-Dau | Dav-Daz | De | Di | Do-Dr | Du-Dz
E-Ec | Ed-El | Em-Ez
F-Fa | Fe | Fi | Fl | Fo | Fr | Fu
G-Gar | Gas-Gi | Gl-Go | Gr-Grif | Grig-Gz
H-Ham | Han-Harp | Harr-Haw | Hay-Hend | Heni-Him | Hin-Holl | Holm-Hub | Huc-Hum | Hun-Hz
J-Jack | Jaco-Jay | Je-Ji | Jo-Johnso | Johnst-Jz
K-Kel | Kem-Kil | Kime-Kinf | King-Kinz | Kir-Km | Kn-Ko | Kr-Kz
L-La | Le-Li | Lo-Lz

Please note: Many names are spelled incorrectly/different than we do today. These are merely transcribed the way they were written in the WPA index files. Many individuals couldn't read or write and didn't know how to spell their names so they were at the mercy of whoever wrote them down. Then when the WPA transcription was done those poor folks had to read and transcribe handwritten documents (some of which are none too legible). So......there is no wonder we are all confused about how to spell "old" family names.

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